$2 Hot Dog Vs. $169 Hot Dog

  • Published on:  11/18/2016
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  • Rachael Marks
    Rachael Marks 2 years ago+6637

    Feed camera guy more I like seeing him happy

  • Affan Shaikh
    Affan Shaikh 5 months ago+431

    OMG! Adam actually addressed the audience saying that he got a hot dog! This is the besssst!!!!!!

  • Conner Sings/Games
    Conner Sings/Games 4 months ago+3032

    Shares $5 hotdog but buys two $169 hotdogs

  • Steve Otting
    Steve Otting 21 days ago+261

    Costco 1.50 hot dog plus a free drink. Winner.

  • Alana Benitez
    Alana Benitez 5 months ago+1647


  • Demi Uwechue
    Demi Uwechue 2 years ago+1135

    If you spend $169 on a dog You better finish it.

  • It’s just Josephine
    It’s just Josephine 5 months ago+933

    I feel like the cheapest are always the best because they care about the product and the customer

  • Azaxar
    Azaxar 28 days ago+223

    To those just now discovering this series, or people like me watching it all over again:

  • sports4eva115
    sports4eva115 14 days ago+94

    Andrew was shocked that they're going to go to Seattle for a Worth it episode.
    Now.... New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Seoul, etc etc etc

  • _ 1mpacT_
    _ 1mpacT_ 3 months ago+133

    Andrew and steve:what is the hot dog name
    Chef: the basic hot dog
    Andrew and steve: give us an information
    Chef: its 1,90$

  • Get Off My Lawn, You Dang Kids!!

    The camera guy is my favourite person, He never talks but still manage to say so much with no words at all.

  • qures 5
    qures 5 4 months ago+71

    6:17 this whole segment was the best😂
    Adam dying in the background
    Steven's excitement
    Andrew's disappointment in not having a window seat... or having to fly in general😅😂

  • EK - 10ZZ - Lincoln Alexander SS (2132)

    "oH mY gOd ArE yOu AbOuT tO pRoPoSe?"
    -Andrew, 2016

  • STAX Jettson
    STAX Jettson 1 months ago+465

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Camera guy: guys they gave me a hotdog

  • El Grande J
    El Grande J 1 months ago+22

    "I just love how when you bite into it it's like you're just getting a big hunk of meat ."
    Me: ...okay then.

  • PhoenixRaven
    PhoenixRaven 2 years ago+2738

    Is it just me or don't you just love the camera man?😊

  • Gracey James
    Gracey James 1 months ago+29

    Steven and Andrew in the middle of talking:
    Adam: guys, they have me a hot dog

  • ImATrophySystem
    ImATrophySystem 1 months ago+81

    most expensive hot dog is actually in switzerland (who would have guessed) and it costs 230€

  • coli7330 coli7330
    coli7330 coli7330 1 months ago+12

    Shares $5 hotdog but buys two $169 hotdogs

  • Dollar
    Dollar 1 months ago+48

    Worth it requests:
    - Chicken Tikka masala.
    - English Breakfast.
    Huge fan here. Please make it happen, guys! 🥺🥺🥺