Japanese Chocolate Bars TOP 10 Must-Try

  • Published on:  6/15/2018
  • Best Japanese Chocolates from a Japanese Convenience store in Tokyo. I review the Top 10 Japan Chocolates ranging from Japanese chocolate bars to Japanese snacks made of chocolate. Chocolate brands include Meiji, Glico, Borboun, Lotte and many more. I select the best Japanese chocolate in 2018 and you can consider this a Japanese Chocolate guide for when you come to Tokyo. These Japanese sweets are quite unique and getting more innovated throughout the years.

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    Top 10 Japanese Chocolate Bars

    #1 Meiji The Chocolate
    #2 Glico GABA
    #3 Lotte Nyusankin(Lactic Acid) Chocolate
    #4 Glico Pocky Double White Choco & White peach
    #5 Bourbon Daizu Choco Kuromitsu Kinako
    #6 Lotte Crunchy Caramel & Cereal
    #7 Bourbon Summer Truffle Salt Vanilla Flavor
    #8 Meiji Galbo Tsubu Neri Strawberry
    #9 FUJIYA LOOK futatsu no Mint Tabekurabe
    #10 Lotte Wakan no Milk Chocolate

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