Man Decides To Become A Goat

  • Published on:  5/3/2019
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  • Handy Productions 2 months ago

    This man took Goat simulator to another level.

  • Apoapsis Periapsis 41 minutes ago


  • Kuush kihng VEVO 10 hours ago

    You beat everyone to it

  • Scloudzy 2 months ago

    2019: man decides to become a goat3019: goat decides to become a human

  • FremontKing XD 4 hours ago

    Scloudzy it’s 3019 and that has never happened 😒

  • FRANK ROBERTS an hour ago


  • *man becomes goat*Aliens: I think we got the wrong planet

  • Mr.tzanani 4 hours ago

    Goats: so we raiding Area 51 right?

  • pheonix fire 5 days ago


  • Aidan Patman-Clark 1 months ago

    *This man decided to become a Goat.*Okay that's enough internet for today

  • Aidan Patman-Clark 2 hours ago

    @Je ne said pas :/ i aM SaT@n

  • Je ne said pas :/ 2 hours ago

    Aidan Patman-Clark I would like ur comment but it’s at 666

  • Lilly Gonzalez 18 days ago

    Friend: “what do you watch on YouTube?”Me:”’s complicated”

  • IDK MIKEY 9 hours ago

    People like you should really just stop typing pn YouTube.

  • dying meme

  • blossom 20 days ago

    The whistling man and the kittens is what I aspire to be.

  • nightstar 6 hours ago

    Chungus no those are dolphins

  • Najam-ul-Hassan Shah 2 months ago

    God : Creates man.Man : *Becomes Goat*God : *Am i A JokE tO YoU?*

  • Cave Johnson 21 hours ago

    For everyone still wondering what my deleted comment was, I said -God: creates womenMuslim men : Still has sex with goats. God : *AM I A JOKE TO YOU*

  • Barnoy Gil an hour ago

    @Cave Johnson ❤️❤️ I love real comedy

  • Jsd Gaming 5 days ago

    1886: People in 2019 will have flying cars.2019: Man tries to become a goat

  • Philo - Sophia 3 hours ago

    I was expecting this comment

  • V0RCE Gaming 4 days ago

    Stolen comment but ok nice lol

  • Amy Glass 1 months ago

    The kittens made my heartMeLtSOOOOO CUTEEEEEE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • CJ an hour ago

    Jose Rusli Lie No one asked for yours either idiot

  • Stop bullying 5 days ago

    @Jose Rusli Lie 关闭他妈的猫爱人

  • Johngamer88 2 days ago

    It’s like when spongebob tried to become a Jellyfish.