ASMR to Make YOU Sleep Instantly (not clickbait)

  • Published on:  2/10/2019
  • I love making these sleep-inducing vids for all of you! Have a great morning, afternoon, or night!FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM!Instagram: MERCH: ME ON PATREON!My Patreon: :DJoe HDavid ENoha KSakura LManisha SGamerRyan AGretelle DLMichael SCameron RDavid UZubairaliiTroy S. PPaul WFinch AJada JKian FTomJanine OBlaineMustafa HSilvOrXThomas RPhoenixGwyneth ZPablo MGOrionHunterLandry BAspen WMichael CJens NOR


  • cringey Cucumber
    cringey Cucumber 5 months ago+2433

    don’t press read more
    Your fine and have good luck like to
    Knock knock.....”who’s there “ hatch hatch who
    bless you

  • Daniel Barnes
    Daniel Barnes 5 months ago+1702

    You know the drill
    But do u know the wrench
    I nailed that joke
    Okay now I’m screwed

  • melissa araujo
    melissa araujo 5 months ago+1129

    stop scrolling through the comments and just sleep :)

  • Rexy
    Rexy 5 months ago+630

    ur fine and u have good luck for the rest of ur life...🤩🤗

  • Brooklyn Woody
    Brooklyn Woody 5 months ago+821

    My crush just asked me out!
    Like for love!

  • Samantha Ericson
    Samantha Ericson 4 months ago+633

    ~ Time Stamps ~
    5:20 - Brushing on mic cover
    6:49 - Tapping on small hollow item(s)
    11:47 - Tapping on mini canvas
    14:30 - Plastic crinkles
    17:20 - Tapping on styrofoam
    21:36 - Tea lights
    26:40 - Tapping leather
    31:29 - Note cards
    Good night loves ❤️

    •GRØŚŠ ĘDÏTÕR • 5 months ago+512

    All I see is a bunny's butt
    not even disappointed

  • PøtatoAesthetic
    PøtatoAesthetic 5 months ago+790

    15:22 when I’m trying to open a bag of chips at 2 am 😂😂

  • Abigail and friends ꧁༒ ༒꧂

    Me at 1AM: I cant SLEEEEEEP
    Dennis: hold my beer 🍺

  • Karis Vea77
    Karis Vea77 5 months ago+606

    Make a podcast or something lol
    Like if u agree?!

  • itz_Ängïê _wöłÿmïłłÿ_kärłïëčhü! bff!

    who loves DennisASMR videos this is how much people agree that DennisASMR is the best! 👇🏻 edit: thanks for the 143 likes!!

  • Antony Perla
    Antony Perla 5 months ago+364

    I wish someone would would give me a massage on my back so i could sleep faster

  • *insert quality name here*
    *insert quality name here* 5 months ago+132

    I didnt sleep in 1 second I'm mad
    Lmao I'm sorry

  • Leiana Russo
    Leiana Russo 5 months ago+76

    reads the title
    Me:"Well I'll be the judge of that"
    Falls asleep after 2 minutes

  • Abbi Vlogs
    Abbi Vlogs 5 months ago+127

    You are the only boy asmrtist that I am comfortable watching

    2FRESH2BEAST 4 months ago+47

    Me: Laying down sleeping, forgot auto play was still on and my headphones are jacked up

  • Chrissy’s Vlogsss
    Chrissy’s Vlogsss 5 months ago+11

    Turned my volume all the way up at the beginning then it played and ad
    AD: Do you have trouble hearing
    ME: Well now I do

  • Poptart Ostrich
    Poptart Ostrich 5 months ago+60

    I pressed on the video and woke up the next day 😱

  • mully
    mully 4 months ago+19

    could u do a vid with just the fluffy sounds and little talking? that would be great

  • Kaylee Church
    Kaylee Church 4 months ago+12

    I was falling asleep to this and I woke up to Logan Paul screaming " ARE YOU GOING TO COACHELLA"