Canelo v GGG 2 official weigh-ins in full



  • Asha Rani
    Asha Rani 1 months ago

    Robbed twice ggg money talks

  • Naiman Neooo
    Naiman Neooo 1 months ago


  • Asha Rani
    Asha Rani 2 months ago

    Robbed twice

  • Do Ma
    Do Ma 2 months ago

    Who is the girl in white holding a belt? She's beautiful.

  • Spooky Dogz
    Spooky Dogz 2 months ago

    Yo this is awesome

  • Deema Zoloto
    Deema Zoloto 2 months ago

    canelo after check ups and weigh took tablet and fell pills

  • Isyraf Firdaus
    Isyraf Firdaus 2 months ago

    whats the host name? asking for a friend

  • steel ssstu
    steel ssstu 2 months ago

    Too much hype, corrupt judges,fat retard oscar de la Hoya a ginger drug cheat and an old GGG,,both of these fighters aren't the best anymore,,to much money talking here

  • olympiajj
    olympiajj 2 months ago

    How come canelo can understand english but cant talk english i dont get it

  • Азамат 0000
    Азамат 0000 3 months ago

    GGG. champion. Forward💪💪

  • Bustroff
    Bustroff 3 months ago

    Canelo is not a real boxer he is a junkie

  • Jordan Sand
    Jordan Sand 3 months ago

    So many butthurt ggg fan in the comment section

  • Martin Yanez
    Martin Yanez 3 months ago

    Es la última vez que El Canelo se comerá un dinero de mi bolsillo es una mierda🖕

  • Kayden-Rene Kainoa
    Kayden-Rene Kainoa 3 months ago


  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 3 months ago

    Verdad que ese culo del Canelo es un tipo sucio y sin clase

  • Adam fielden
    Adam fielden 3 months ago

    Drug cheat

  • Jonathan Frometa
    Jonathan Frometa 3 months ago

    Actually Canelo and GGG should be 1 and 1, GGG clearly won the first fight, exactly how Canelo won this last one.

  • Juan Ramón Martínez Fernández

    Golovkin the best

  • Complete - Body & Spa 57

    Those midgets fatsos Tacos feeders around Canelo.

  • Boka Boka
    Boka Boka 3 months ago

    GGG 👑