Canelo v GGG 2 official weigh-ins in full



  • iiSuperiorGamingii
    iiSuperiorGamingii 11 months ago+186

    Ggg is not having any of it

  • supes12
    supes12 11 months ago+301

    Why are Canelo and his team so angry lol? They are the ones who cheated, called off the fight and then got suspended

  • HooksandBeats
    HooksandBeats 11 months ago+368

    Really Canelo complaining about going first on the scales lol he’s the one who got caught cheating, ggg has all the belts....I don’t get it lol 😂

  • ph00ny1
    ph00ny1 11 months ago+81

    I thought canelo just lost the bulk up top but his hips and thighs are slimmed out as well. WOW
    Also Golovkin is ice cold. Canelo feinted and Golovkin didn't even flinch

  • d_z_
    d_z_ 11 months ago+115

    Judges are all on De La Hoyas payroll GGG needs to KO this punk or he will get robbed again

  • J.G. Jeff
    J.G. Jeff 11 months ago+94

    Canelo seems so out of character with the intensity. Is he really that pissed or is this promotion? Can't wait to see tomorrow night. . . .

  • Jack Roberts
    Jack Roberts 11 months ago+65

    GGG has never looked so trim.

  • Jamie french
    Jamie french 11 months ago+151

    Canelo’s team wardrobe inspired by Super Mario/ Luigi?

  • Bee 213
    Bee 213 11 months ago+16

    I respect GGG for keeping his cool

  • ChevyHDss Chevy life
    ChevyHDss Chevy life 11 months ago+148


  • Richard Vining
    Richard Vining 11 months ago+21

    47:43 canela is already practicing going down hahaha

    STEVEWONDA1976 11 months ago+19

    This is a "Special War", not a "Regular Fight". I hope so.

  • Przemysław Piotr
    Przemysław Piotr 11 months ago+74


  • George Aquino
    George Aquino 11 months ago+14

    Everyone is tough when theres 100 people around. They run come fight night😁

  • Fernando Magana
    Fernando Magana 11 months ago +91

    Pills for canelo?headache?yeah right freaking cheater min 47:40 he almost fall for rush in to take the pills lol

  • Truth B. Told
    Truth B. Told 11 months ago+6

    G is gonna beat the 💉💊 out

  • Larry Wheels
    Larry Wheels 11 months ago+75

    Canelo asks if he can bring his scale, gloves, judges, hand wraps, and full beard. Add a clembuteral , presto, I win .lol

  • RiiCaRd09328
    RiiCaRd09328 11 months ago+5

    Lolcanelo wants to fight at the weigh in but not in the ring... Wtf

  • Mario Marcel, CPA
    Mario Marcel, CPA 11 months ago+35

    47:42 hahahahahahahahha. Man he is really missing that clenbuterol lmao

  • Susie
    Susie 11 months ago+2

    Team Canelo I can’t turn on my flag 🇲🇽