Miss America Pageant Could Bring Back Swimsuit Competition

  • Published on:  6/7/2019
  • Will bikinis make a comeback in the Miss America pageant? That's the big question now that former Miss America Gretchen Carlson has resigned as head of the pageant's organization. She spearheaded the move to remove the famous swimsuit segment when she took over in 2018. It was a controversial decision, and with her gone now, will there be a push to bring back swimsuits? Miss America officials declined to comment. Inside Edition asked its social media followers what they thought.


  • Trails 1 months ago

    Lisa Guerrero should confront the World in a Swimsuit.

  • That Xbox Channel 29 days ago

    11swallowedinthesea thanks for the sauce my guy

  • 11swallowedinthesea 1 months ago

    @Dr. Richard D. Stiff Google Images 'Lisa Guerrero Playboy.'

  • namra khan 1 months ago

    Honestly, someday I wanna make a show where topless hot dudes have to dress in sexy tuxes, wear swimsuits and answer difficult questions. I would love to see that version anyday 🤣

  • That Xbox Channel 29 days ago

    namra khan eQuALiTy lol

  • namra khan 1 months ago

    @Jackie Domingo woa. Let's make mister America a thing

  • Elisha Concepcion 1 months ago

    Why did she resign less than a year of being on? There's a reason why and I don't think it's good, I'm thinking she was forced out!

  • Adam Thew 14 days ago

    Inserting feminist nonsense causing viewership decline was probably the biggest contributing factor.

  • Andy Roid 1 months ago

    Glad she's gone. She should just retire anyway. She doesn't need the money (google her Fox settlement)!

  • Savage West 1 months ago

    I just saved a lot on my car insurance

  • Flyinflapjacks 25 days ago

    Nice, and I got 69th like.

  • Eric Daily 1 months ago

    15% or more!

  • TooTallPaul 1 months ago

    Why...because ratings dropped when men quit caring. showing men have more control then these media outlets let on.

  • Adam Thew 14 days ago

    @G G why am I not surprised..

  • Jackie Domingo 1 months ago

    Str8 Men barely watch beauty pagents

  • French Vanilla 1 months ago

    Why did they get rid of the swimsuit section. I love it I I think they should be able to wear a one-piece or bikini.

  • Lizbeth Tax-Lopez 1 months ago

    That’s true

  • GhostGirl21502 1 months ago

    I actually like the idea of adding one piece swimsuits, or even tankini's. I've seen some cute ones.

  • Don't sub to me. 1 months ago

    When your early and dont know what to type

  • Andrew P 1 months ago

    Then don't type anything

  • BIG CHUNGUS 1 months ago


  • UNCHAINED SHAMAN 1 months ago

    Could bring back lol your world is a ship of fools. Enjoy the cruise.

  • Polio Nine 1 months ago

    The only woman I wanna see in a swimsuit is Lisa Guerrero

  • 11swallowedinthesea 1 months ago

    She was nude as a Playboy decades ago! She has riotously big boobs!

  • Mykk Robo 1 months ago

    Disabled comments on the Carlos Maza video. Excuse me, IE, your bias is showing...

  • mindlessgonzo 1 months ago

    Despite a shitshow happening that's affecting everyone?

  • G G 1 months ago

    Disabling comments is Youtubers' way of hiding their flaws and making the world seem all happy daisy unicorns and rainbows.