Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker with Bixby: first look



  • The Verge
    The Verge  a years ago+71

    What do you think the Galaxy Home speaker looks like?

  • HypnoVike
    HypnoVike a years ago+195

    I thought the Bixby Smart Speaker was an April Fools Joke...

  • Raghunandan Reddy C
    Raghunandan Reddy C a years ago+211

    i like mkbhd's design more.

  • Mohammed Yaseen
    Mohammed Yaseen a years ago+24

    01:09 "..bad rep compared to Siri and Google asst.." Interesting. Didn't know Siri had a good rep.

  • Chloe Young
    Chloe Young a years ago+76

    Looks like portal 2 sentry , ready to shoot red laser beams into my wallet😝

  • Logge
    Logge a years ago+47

    My opinion on Bixby was pretty bad when it came out.
    I've changed my opinion when I saw the way the approach tasks. Instead of relying on app API they can just emulate phone input and with that get way more tasks done in android than google assistant. Their voice recognition still needs improvement and their natural language understanding still lacks a lot, but it's on a great way to become a competitor for the other voice assistants.

  • Lashan
    Lashan a years ago+13

    I think Samsung is just going all in on MKBHD's joke

  • Rishi Sund
    Rishi Sund a years ago+15

    It should have been called Galaxy Center

  • B M
    B M a years ago+39

    i want to be able to customize my virtual assistant. not just saying siri, alexa, google, bixby all the time. i want to call it something else. like Delores or Friday or Jarvis. if this was possible i think virtual assistants would become more popular

  • ryan gosling
    ryan gosling a years ago+17

    This looks familiar 🤔

  • happy together
    happy together a years ago+29

    samsung is headphone jack company??

  • Nick_theFox
    Nick_theFox a years ago+3

    Is Chris mad at cameraman or just really uncomfortable with looking into a camera?

  • Chad
    Chad a years ago+17

    I don’t get why everyone is calling this a joke when they haven’t said anything about it...

    CEKROM a years ago+1

    That's exactly what we brought Samsung! =D

  • ERIZ
    ERIZ a years ago+2

    Next year galaxy home mini

    BADFOX a years ago+3

    Okay. Who cut the top off my speaker....

  • Jieon Choi
    Jieon Choi a years ago

    Speakers on fridge and washing machine?

  • Pojosamaneo
    Pojosamaneo a years ago+1

    Everyone has a smart speaker these days.
    I think with these smart devices, more than any other type of electronics...there can only be one. I'm committed to Google Home, and I shall not depart from it, for better or worse. Given the youtube integration with the smart assistants with screens, I'd say I made the right choice. I also like being able to cast to them.

  • Average Internet Surfer

    This was first an April fool's joke by MKBHD.
    I guess Samsung watched and got inspiration from that.

  • hunter borman
    hunter borman a years ago

    This is so cool. Wish the Galaxy watch contained MST