• Published on:  9/14/2018
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  • Double S 9 months ago

    Is anyone else watching every single damn reaction to this? I can’t stop.

  • Amethyst Artis 9 days ago


  • Joe King 4 months ago

    Who won?Like = Eminem (Who I choose)Comment = MGK

  • Omer Asif 14 days ago

    Lol mgk is ems bitch

  • GNX_ Snipez 6 months ago

    Rumor is, Em wrote this in 13 minutes.

  • Genos 5 days ago

    I believe it.

  • Alex Davis 9 days ago

    @Spidey Senses MGK wrote it in 2 days? Riiiiiight..... just in time to have a music video and drop on the upcoming album at the time. He had that shit ready. Besides that, if any of you can't see this beef for what it was *A marketing tactic* you're delusional. Both had albums about to drop within weeks of one another, what's a better way to promote that than a battle? In any case, Em won this hands down. MGK made a rap song....Em made a diss track.

  • Andrew P. Stewart 7 months ago

    Also, Em’s daughter name is Hailie Jade, so when he said, “I (mwah) give Jade a kiss”, it was a double entendre.

  • Polo King For Life 29 days ago

    @Olvin Galeas That's good

  • Rahul raj 2 months ago

    "Lethal injection, go to sleep (6) feet deep. I'll give you (B) for the effort, but if I was (3) foot (11), you'd look up to me." 6B311 is the flight number for a plane who had a flight on September 14 (Killshot release date) and another flight on September 21 (MGK Binge release date). The flight company was TUI Fly Nordic (Eminem said in Killshot he was watching 8 mile on his Nordic track. This might be a reach but it's dope either way.

  • XTREEM injustice an hour ago

    Eminem’s word play is fucking insane

  • iTz Sh4rK 3 days ago

    @jamieboi11 man you're something else. This shit is magic. The fucking planets lined when you thought about this.

  • ECS 2018 7 months ago

    Imagine if slim shady made the diss

  • Omar Shafi 2 months ago

    Lol slim shady wouldnt respond back....he would just roll up and fuck him up.

  • Jacob Beaver 4 months ago

    Look up cani-bitch its a diss track in a slim shady type of manner

  • Long Le 1 months ago

    Literally everyone react to that last line about Diddy cracked me the fck up 😂

  • MarshalGotKelly

  • ​@Kelvin Parker MarshallrapedanerfGunKelly

  • Matteo Bertaiola 12 days ago

    Friends: who is MGK?EMINEM RELEASED KILLSHOTFriends: who was MGK?

  • Ashley Gross 9 months ago

    Is this the end of the beef ?Will mgk respond?Did Diddy really put out a hit on 2pac?Find out next time on dragonballZ

  • GBG 21 days ago

    Lmfao I'm ded

  • Mr.E 5-13-9-18 1 months ago

    You KO for that bruh