Hands-on with the iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and Apple Watch Series 4



  • joshuawillson1987
    joshuawillson1987 2 months ago

    Note 9 is way better apple is just now releasing technology that Samsung already had.

  • Waldo P. Schmeer
    Waldo P. Schmeer 2 months ago

    Apple is like that dude who is smart and creative and hardworking. And the moment you give them credit, they get lazy and rest on their laurels.
    When I was younger I used to fall for this stuff. But what are they REALLY saying. What is new for real? Or did they just release this $1400 repackaged iPhone just to have a release this year?

  • Cole Wilkins
    Cole Wilkins 2 months ago

    I cant, I cant do it anymore. Apple, the dream really died with Steve. I thought maybe this rough patch would end. But I'm getting a galaxy s9. The sad part is, I'm kinda not sorry. It was fun while it lasted, but I cant deal with the lack of love and innovation.

  • Ben McGarry
    Ben McGarry 2 months ago

    wow... it looks the exact same as all the other phones. how impressive

    OBOYZ 2 months ago+1

    They took the iPhone X off the website cause they know that it’s better option instead of the same phone with an S added to the fucking name and a higher price... stay woke

  • Bel Production
    Bel Production 2 months ago

    I’m sticking around with my iPhone 6 Plus. Take the notch off and I will get new one.

  • Bamb00fled
    Bamb00fled 2 months ago+1

    I like the iphone XR the most, its simple and its like the iphone x of iphone 7. I really like it.

  • Melvina Wilson
    Melvina Wilson 2 months ago

    How Much Do Y'all Think These Phones Are Going To Be Worth In 5 To 10 Years?

  • Tallyho56
    Tallyho56 2 months ago

    Upgrading from a Samsung to this. Good idea?

    ART CORE 2 months ago

    $10 to manufacture an iPhone. $20 cost to ship an iPhone to the U.S. $0.35/phone in advertising cost.
    Sell them for $1450.00. Apple has literally enough money to fill up Grand Canyon.

  • OC GMBeverlyHills
    OC GMBeverlyHills 2 months ago

    I already have a $1,000 iPhone and I feel so stupid for paying that much for a phone when there are people who can’t afford a meal.

  • FDB 7
    FDB 7 2 months ago

    Sometimes when I'm wearing my Apple Watch Series 1, I forget it's there because it's so light. I then get super freaked out and scramble to check if it's still on my wrist. If I'm wearing the Series 4, I'm gonna be flippin' out 90% of the time. I love it!

  • WGO G
    WGO G 2 months ago

    *Only a chimpanzee will buy one of those.*

  • CapN Crunch
    CapN Crunch 2 months ago+1

    Okay the iPhone x was pretty ridiculous BUT THIS. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. IT'S TIME TO STOP🕛

  • Nick Schrader
    Nick Schrader 2 months ago

    Who else is watching on a Sony Xperia and not minding at all?

  • Anthony Zep
    Anthony Zep 2 months ago

    What the fuck does "it doesn't feel cheap because of glass" mean? Holy fucking shit you're all retarded for buying this garbage. Kill yourselves.

  • Kameron_ the_GOAT
    Kameron_ the_GOAT 2 months ago

    Already preordered

  • TheNonchalantOne 2017
    TheNonchalantOne 2017 2 months ago+1

    Can’t wait til the 8+ is under $400 😃

  • B Q
    B Q 2 months ago

    XS Max is a contradiction of itself lmao. (Xs)(Max)= 0

  • very Hideous
    very Hideous 2 months ago

    Is there any difference