Hands-on with the iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and Apple Watch Series 4



  • Nєxσ 9 months ago

    It all comes down to preference. People may like Samsung and people may like Apple. Who tf cares what smartphone people has?.

  • xtyrantx 9 months ago

    REEF X mr dude its the same thing when someone asks what phone i have and i say android they say "awww man, that sucks. get an iphone."

  • Flame 9 months ago

    true, this bitch tweeted "he could be the most handsome nigga around, but if he got an android we cant talk" bruh that shit hella wack

  • Haider 9 months ago

    Its like a 10 year old did the writing for this video, shit quality and analysis as expected of Mashable.

  • David McAlister 9 months ago

    These prices are getting ridiculous. $1,450 for a phone? Really Apple?!

  • PugsNotDrugs 56 9 months ago

    I'm willing to bet that your a woman not sexist just sayin

  • Lisa Adler 9 months ago

    Does anyone actually care they look exactly the same just different sizes. I guess making three different devices that look exactly the same is Apple being "innovative" in 2018, sad. Steve will forever be missed.

  • Lee Ann C. 9 months ago

    Lisa Adler hardware improvements, bigger screen, screen quality, you can blur the background of a photo after you’ve taken it, etc. it’s not just about colors of the phone.

  • Lisa Adler 9 months ago

    @Lee Ann C. Oh like the colors yeah totally innovative

  • That Random Guy 9 months ago

    Still waiting on the iPhone XXX 😉

  • Brant Phillips 9 months ago

    My bank account might cry after this but damn that's a good lookin' piece of machinery

  • pewpewlazers 9 months ago

    Brant Phillips yea but Apple is now all about longevity and efficiency of all its devices. So your phone should work for 5 years now, in theory at least.

  • Finna sell a lung and a leg for this phone

  • UncleDrippy Drew 9 months ago

    And a liver 😂

  • Don Angel 9 months ago

    Marcia Paul sell a testicle next year

  • G Coy 9 months ago

    $1300 for a phone....are you on drugs?!

  • ART CORE 9 months ago

    more like $1450

  • VsL NExT 9 months ago

    Introducing the 1450 dollar iPhone X!

  • ILostMyWaifu 9 months ago

    How to have a successful phone company sell the same phone every year but as the years go on make it larger but keep the same outdated tech

  • Kevyn Basilio 9 months ago

    Marquez Fits the note 8 and 9 look the same and the S8 and s9 look the same. Change the design every year my ass.

  • J H 9 months ago

    gamers in a container nigga it’s a phone if you don’t want it don’t buy it end of story damn 🙄😂