Building a Hospital that treats its patients with houseplants in Two Point Hospital



  • RTGame
    RTGame  2 months ago+2460

    There's a big part of this stream I couldn't feature in this video, but thank you for the unbelievable kindness from some folks in the community during this stream. There was literally hundreds of gifted subs, and too many donations to even count. You guys are actually insane

  • WTF
    WTF yesterday

    Hi I’m tom

  • Amalie Kragh
    Amalie Kragh 4 days ago+1

    Where can I watch the full stream?

  • ProPurDot
    ProPurDot 5 days ago

    yo this video was sick

  • Kitty Rose Levine
    Kitty Rose Levine 5 days ago

    Hello I'm the annoyed person
    ........ How dare you put that desk on a slight angle !!!!!!!

  • Astr Alope
    Astr Alope 6 days ago


  • Хлебушек :3

    How about Two Point Hospital but it's normal?

  • Delaney Stiles
    Delaney Stiles 8 days ago

    How ridiculously weird would it be if RT did something... normal?
    Despicable thinking.

  • Marii Damin
    Marii Damin 9 days ago

    3:49 is he just gonna ingore the fact that a guy walked through the wall?

  • Randomized Child
    Randomized Child 11 days ago

    This is fake. RT uses meteors to cure people

  • Deanna Kolendo
    Deanna Kolendo 12 days ago

    I’m sick two

  • CryNan
    CryNan 15 days ago

    I got scared and shit it

  • Pancake entertainment

    Do you hate Freddie Mercury or something

  • Jackie Blue
    Jackie Blue 21 days ago

    The rockstars look like theyre Having a Good Time

  • The Humanity
    The Humanity 23 days ago

    Why does it seem like Gamers are always sick. Must be because they don't exercise and eat badly.

  • Mikel Winslett
    Mikel Winslett 24 days ago

    RT sounded calm in this video

  • Jenny Smoot
    Jenny Smoot 24 days ago

    I to am sick
    I've never said anything like that till now

  • Mariel Kurki
    Mariel Kurki 29 days ago

    3:47 is everyone just ignoring the dude walking through a wall?

  • paisley
    paisley 29 days ago

    oh boy he sounds hotter when he’s sick

  • DontDuckWithNik
    DontDuckWithNik 29 days ago

    8:05 go to hell ...