Building a Hospital that treats its patients with houseplants in Two Point Hospital



  • RTGame (Sep 17, 2018)

    There's a big part of this stream I couldn't feature in this video, but thank you for the unbelievable kindness from some folks in the community during this stream. There was literally hundreds of gifted subs, and too many donations to even count. You guys are actually insane

  • Kitty Rose Levine (Dec 6, 2018)

    Btw .. your voice is relaxing haha . 😂. I fall asleep with my phone in my hand if I watch your channel too late at night haha

  • darknessblade (Oct 5, 2018)

    retry your death hospital.i think you need a janitor who is a ghost hunter to be able to get ghosts.what you have to do is make a giant maze like hospital with separate rooms where you can force people to go. then block the way, let a new group in, make them enter the maze. block the entrance again, then have them go to the collection room.i think you need around 8 collection rooms, so people dont escape, when you open the maze. also block the entrances of the collection rooms.make the maze fill...

  • durianhead (Sep 17, 2018)

    rtgame hospital: where the hospital is green with plants and the other hospitals are green with envy

  • CaptainNightmare (Dec 15, 2018)

    And don’t forget, Freddie Mercury appears randomly

  • Rodigo Duterte (Sep 20, 2018)

    Ans green is good for our eyes

  • StickMaster500 (Sep 17, 2018)

    This hospital is going to turn into a weed factory by the time another meteor strike hits West Virginia

  • sanj2408 (Jan 13, 2019)

    Take me home to the bane I belong west Virginia great uponia Take me home country roads

  • Thali Douglass (Oct 19, 2018)


  • The Sir Rolfe (Sep 17, 2018)

    That’s a very nice hospital you’ve got there.It’d be a shame if it were to,Suddenly burst into flames...

  • Cosmic Girl (Dec 28, 2018)

    Country Roads, take me home~

  • Wyan (Sep 17, 2018)

    by the end of this video, this hospital will become a drug joint, i can already see it coming

  • Memorial Moriarty (Sep 17, 2018)

    ya duh

  • spagettii noodles (Sep 17, 2018)

    *insert that so raven here*

  • potato ze spud (Sep 17, 2018)

    Is it just me or does he sound older when he's sick?

  • Conor O'Malley (Sep 19, 2018)

    +Art Nool Kevin has the same voice but deeper. i watched both for months not knowing they were different channels lol

  • Yerky Turkey (Sep 18, 2018)

    +Underscorer *shooketh in Vietnamese*

  • Izanagi (Sep 17, 2018)

    Legend says founders of WcDonalds established this legendary hospital thousands of years ago.

  • ThyRandomGuy (Dec 30, 2018)

    Wasn't it WickMonalds?

  • Izanagi (Sep 17, 2018)

    +Dunker Doodle WcDonalds is the classic that started it all. WcMonalds is a terrible mistake.

  • Dark Megumin (Sep 17, 2018)

    Get well soon RT! it's actually funny that you build a hospital when you're sick :P

  • Frozen Kebab (Sep 17, 2018)

    I see you always in RT's comments, kinda regular😂

  • Dark Megumin (Sep 17, 2018)

    +Utter Disappointment you need 1000 skill points and 5000 plants

  • John Doe (Sep 17, 2018)

    -"We need a new janitor, his job is just to water these plants"-"That sounds easy, sign me up!"**Gets put in a room with hundreds of plants**-"(⊙_⊙)"

  • Xoez (Nov 23, 2018)


  • John Doe (Oct 6, 2018)


  • Mr. Moop (Sep 17, 2018)

    RT builds a hospital to help him feel better except he turns it into a greenhouse.

  • Cyka Kyasu (Feb 13, 2019)

    +Chad Higgens Vegetative Anthropomorphism

  • Chad Higgens (Nov 2, 2018)

    Maybe RT is a plant. He kills PEOPLE in Cities but never actively tries to kill plants. Plants are just unfortunate casualties in the event of a meteor strike.