Building a Hospital that treats its patients with houseplants in Two Point Hospital



  • RTGame
    RTGame  11 months ago+3150

    There's a big part of this stream I couldn't feature in this video, but thank you for the unbelievable kindness from some folks in the community during this stream. There was literally hundreds of gifted subs, and too many donations to even count. You guys are actually insane

  • durianhead
    durianhead 11 months ago+3290

    rtgame hospital: where the hospital is green with plants and the other hospitals are green with envy

  • John Doe
    John Doe 11 months ago+849

    -"We need a new janitor, his job is just to water these plants"
    -"That sounds easy, sign me up!"
    *Gets put in a room with hundreds of plants*

  • StickMaster500
    StickMaster500 11 months ago+2831

    This hospital is going to turn into a weed factory by the time another meteor strike hits West Virginia

  • Klutzy Mutt
    Klutzy Mutt 11 months ago+51

    Why is no one talking how the "Rock Stars" are dressed as Freddie Mercury.... And of course a hospital full of plants will be at least a "Tree star" hospital.

  • Ellie Haigh-Gannon
    Ellie Haigh-Gannon 11 months ago+96

    Did anyone else like the fact that the 'rock stars' were Freddie Mercury? Coz I certainly did...

  • CosmicPizza13
    CosmicPizza13 11 months ago+97

    Wtf are all the rockstars low budget knockoffs of Freddie mercury

  • Asher :p
    Asher :p 11 months ago+225

    Why RT is basically Kevin:
    - was confused about lightheadedness
    - tortured the janitors
    - questionable layout decisions
    - shocked when they got the no deaths award

  • Izzy
    Izzy 11 months ago+88

    RT...making people NOT dead?

  • UltraGamerKid6964
    UltraGamerKid6964 11 months ago+108

    Who else thinks he should play oxygen not included

  • Ivan Shelest
    Ivan Shelest 11 months ago+127

    Cool video Kevin! I mean Jacksep... I mean... what?

  • babiesonmars
    babiesonmars 11 months ago+77

    The ghosts are the ghosts of the Bob family- Bob Bob, Barbara Bob, etc. Great crossover episode

  • Hellfire
    Hellfire 11 months ago+58

    Start watching random video
    Hear RT's voice
    Await meteors/floods/Country Roads

  • The Sir Rolfe
    The Sir Rolfe 11 months ago+1679

    That’s a very nice hospital you’ve got there.
    It’d be a shame if it were to,
    Suddenly burst into flames...

  • Joedorkbob 1
    Joedorkbob 1 11 months ago+29

    all the rock star patients are Freddie Mercury😂😂😂

  • Kapin #1801
    Kapin #1801 11 months ago+60

    Well duh, plants make oxygen! Of course they'll prevent lightheadedness, the oxytocin particles break up the mitochondrial mainframe of the virus, did you even go to biology??
    Oh by the way bees fart through their noses. Also, bulls can't see the colour red. If you're wearing red, they get angry because they know you're hiding something from them.
    Oh and by the way Jarate cures every disease known to man. Even malaria.
    Oh and by the way- yeah I'mma stop meming now, you get the idea

  • Somerandomdoge From YouTube
    Somerandomdoge From YouTube 11 months ago+71

    We gotta have that O X Y G E N

  • Firock Finion
    Firock Finion 11 months ago+29

    Just slap some leeches on there. It'll fix everything. Maybe.

  • Wyan
    Wyan 11 months ago+2382

    by the end of this video, this hospital will become a drug joint, i can already see it coming

  • Jacob434
    Jacob434 11 months ago+25

    Those are some nice plants you got there...
    It'd be a shame if someone...
    Lit them on fire.