It's Time To Stop Ajit Pai

  • Published on:  12/16/2017
  • It's time to stop Ajit Pai and his plan to repeal Net Neutrality MERCH...http://h3h3shop.comCo-written by Zach Hadel (psychicpebbles) us on Twitch! Podcast is available at:TWITCH ►► ► PLAY MUSIC ►►'s Twitter............►►http://h3h3productions.spreadshirt.comInstagram................►'s Instragram.....►►http://h3h3productions.comSubreddit.................► Song by MajorLeagueWobs: from the end by EchoRobot:


  • BanditRants
    BanditRants a years ago+8230

    Ajit Pai was the type of dude to remind the teacher to check homework.

  • Oronk
    Oronk 10 months ago+876

    Damn, Ethan is really passionate about
    Edit: oh god it made a hyperlink.

  • Julien Vitre
    Julien Vitre a years ago+1217

    Ajit Pai is just an upgraded Indian Tech Support

  • Michael
    Michael a years ago+526

    I'm not condoning it, but I'm honestly surprised this dude hasn't been assassinated yet

  • Meeka
    Meeka a years ago+865

    18k Verizon and Comcast employees disliked this video

  • Nolls
    Nolls a years ago+4901

    Who would win?
    -The entire internet
    -One sassy potato head

  • piff peterson
    piff peterson a years ago+567


  • Wyatt Thompson
    Wyatt Thompson a years ago+215

    I am honestly afraid of these people that make PSA’s and laws and decisions that effect our daily lives that are so out of touch with regular life. It’s insane it seems like they almost need someone that advises them on actual real life for “normal people”.
    The scariest part is all of these people are appointed officials that we vote for and they have REAL POWER over the general public and they don’t even know what a regular day of a regular guy like me or pretty much anyone in the comment section is like!!!

  • Smol Cat
    Smol Cat 8 months ago+406

    Ajit Pai = president of tseries

  • joshy boy
    joshy boy a years ago+627

    He's trying to remove "Obama ere policies" but he is using an Obama era meme

  • 1999
    1999 a years ago+1913

    His two kids are going to be bullied so bad

  • samuraiknight1600
    samuraiknight1600 a years ago+294

    The new US constitution. Freedom and equality for all who can afford it.

  • Jayd Lor
    Jayd Lor a years ago+80

    If teachers posts homework on the internet:
    $4.99 Homework DLC package
    $29.99 Essay assignment DLC package + legendary pencil and a high polymer eraser
    94.99 Test packet DLC + Kleenex tissues

  • рок голубь
    рок голубь a years ago+122

    "nobody can stop you from breathing" except if you`re in a gas chamber.

  • Sofia Friend
    Sofia Friend a years ago+55

    He’s doing the opposite of restoring internet freedom tho. Internet freedom WAS net neutrality

  • Dayita Ray
    Dayita Ray  a years ago+1007

    Jake Paul: I am officially the most hated person on the internet!!!
    Ajit Pai: Hold my beer

  • Borderlandzcrazy
    Borderlandzcrazy a years ago+91

    7:29 Captions say "PewDiePie can be heard in the background, with a large sound of a heart beat." you let me know if that's PewDiePie or not LMFAO

  • Bentley Kennedy-Stone
    Bentley Kennedy-Stone a years ago+94

    I work at a debt collection company for Comcast. They have begyn implementing data limits on internet now. Like how you have to pay extra for going over your gigs with a phone - that happens now with your internet.
    People here saying that things arent that bad after Ajiit Pai dont understand that these changes will be incremental so as to minimize backlash. Agent Pie handed them the rope, and now theyre going to tighten the noose on us inch by inch so that we dont notice how hard its become to breathe before its too late.

  • MamaKermit
    MamaKermit a years ago+31

    he probs only wants to restore internet freedom so pornhub won’t be blocked on his work computer.

  • Morgan Phillips
    Morgan Phillips a years ago+34

    On his list of 7 things you can still do, "You can still use memes", apparently not.