REALLY? Sunspot "Truth" Finally Revealed To Masses...

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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  • secureteam10
    secureteam10  11 months ago+1842

    Some final questions.. IF there was some criminal/suspect on the loose.. Why not release that info and make surrounding areas aware of the threat? Why evacuate an entire town over one person? Since when does it take law enforcement AND the FBI 2 weeks to track down one guy? Did they have super powers? Hmm...

  • Jschnable1983
    Jschnable1983 11 months ago+143

    As a police officer, I know that they would’ve used local law-enforcement in the search! Due to the fact that local law-enforcement knows the area better than a bunch of FBI that’s never been in the area before! This story definitely stinks! I’ve aided the FBI in numerous investigations never once was I blackballed and told to leave my post and go home!

  • Edward Homola
    Edward Homola 11 months ago+31

    The FBI, A blackhawk helicopter and shutting a town down looking for a perv on the loose for almost 2 one is arrested or charged? Ya, right.

  • Jeffame7
    Jeffame7 11 months ago+38

    I'm no conspiracy theorists but, come on! How important was this "occurrence" that the FBI had to get involved and even found the need to keep this away from the sheriffs as well? This was no normal "criminal activity".

  • Isaiah Garcia
    Isaiah Garcia 11 months ago+74

    Tyler are you okay bud? No videos lately getting kinda worried my friend? 😕❓❔❓😕❓

  • Paul Fox
    Paul Fox 11 months ago+33

    TYLER!!! You keep saying you're' back to uploading daily videos then we hear nothing for days.

  • Gale Memee of 6
    Gale Memee of 6 11 months ago+150

    That doesn't explain why they wouldn't even let the Sherriff's Office know what they're doing. They are the local law enforcement, they should have been aware if not involved. BS Meter is going off.

  • Jason Mcknight
    Jason Mcknight 10 months ago+13

    So Tyler....did you fall off the earth or go through a portal? We, as SecureTeam-ites, haven’t heard a peep out of you for 4 days!! What’s up?? We miss you! I hope you’re alright buddy!!

  • Colin Beck
    Colin Beck 11 months ago+23

    3 days.. where you at bro. Hope all is well. The system better have not shut you down.. let us know what's up. 🛸🤘👽🤘🛸

  • brandon knecht
    brandon knecht 11 months ago+10

    This may be a rumor but i heard from other investigators that someone who worked at the observatory had evidence of anomalous activity around the sun. The said person is still on the run and the FBI has some researchers in custody for questioning. Like i said just heard it through the grapevine but it does make sense because other observatories around the world has been under scrutiny. Any thoughts about that?

  • Matthew r
    Matthew r 10 months ago+24

    So this morning the NBC news aired a story about 3 individuals. One dead 2 found unconscious, all together in the same location. There was no physical cause and no drugs or chemicals found in their systems. Essentially no explanation for the cause of death. But shortly after that it was no longer being talked about. They aired it once. Looking on the Internet and NOTHING remains online about it. It's like the story is being hidden from the public after its initial airing. I intend to conduct more research to see if I can find anything but as mysterious and unorthodox as this seems I thought it may interest you. @secureteam10

  • Alex Rekzu
    Alex Rekzu 11 months ago+71

    Shutting down web cams in other countries for one "suspect". This story is suspect.

  • ash0787
    ash0787 11 months ago+34

    where is tyler, I think the men in black finally got to him

  • Powerfulmantha
    Powerfulmantha 11 months ago+9

    Tyler where are you? You have not been posting regularly? Are you ok?

  • Mighty Marsha
    Mighty Marsha 11 months ago +24

    What about the hiker they found dead on white sands trail?

  • 714.jABS.OC.FuNk
    714.jABS.OC.FuNk 11 months ago+7

    Where you at Tyler it's been 4 days since you've posted a video?

  • ctrlshiftqq
    ctrlshiftqq 11 months ago+197

    We will not be sheep to the mainstream media any more. It’s time to wake up, people!

  • Khalil Zanika
    Khalil Zanika 11 months ago+15

    Tyler vanished again?

    KING DEE TV 11 months ago+10

    One of their secret experiments escaped and they got scared of the public knowing about it so they made everyone evacuate until it was found and secured , maybe? What do u guys think 🤔

  • MeSeeks
    MeSeeks 11 months ago+6

    Also look at EARTHFILES w Linda Moulton Howe. She does a great job researching