REALLY? Sunspot "Truth" Finally Revealed To Masses...

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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  • secureteam10
    secureteam10  2 months ago+1864

    Some final questions.. IF there was some criminal/suspect on the loose.. Why not release that info and make surrounding areas aware of the threat? Why evacuate an entire town over one person? Since when does it take law enforcement AND the FBI 2 weeks to track down one guy? Did they have super powers? Hmm...

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith 21 hours ago

    Maybe They launched a rocket ship to Mars and they didn't want no one to know

  • HocusPocus Sally
    HocusPocus Sally 24 days ago

    I am with u on this tyler this just doesnt add up

  • Franklin Falco
    Franklin Falco 24 days ago

    The foundation found a keter class in space.

  • Gus Edgar.
    Gus Edgar. 29 days ago

    Is it not the case that several solar observatories have been closed....?

  • FunnyFunkyFoods
    FunnyFunkyFoods 1 months ago

    I guess the holland base needed 2 weeks or so to land another ufo there without anyone from observatory to notice.

  • MacGamer420
    MacGamer420 1 months ago

    Government that lies some of the time... UFO nutcases that lie almost all of the time... who to believe lol

  • Ci TM
    Ci TM 1 months ago

    Great video. Thanks for it. Residents of these worlds are surrounded by evil. Accepting a story for face value isn't acceptable if there is still danger to the public, that has not been, at least, quarantined. If this has truly been resolved, don't sweat it, even if the truth is different than what has been stated, for we all have much bigger, and more important things we can't get distracted from, like my purpose here of saving the omniverses, requiring the help of everyone, before ragnarok's locking events occur.
    Predada Severa™,
    UMBRELLA™ - Universal Malevolent Biologicals Research Exploration Leaddevelopment Leadresolutions Agency™, CiA™ - Central intelligenceunidentifieds Agency™, MiB™ - Multiversal intelligenceunidentifieds Bureau™, iiA™ - illuminati intelligenceunidentifieds Agency™, AiiA™ - Anunnaki illuminati intelligenceunidentifieds Agency™, MJ12™ - Multiversal Joint 12™, etc. all of GO™ - Government of Omnia™, the Omniversal Government™ - OG™ which supercedes all, etc. BA™ - Black Agent™, UiA™ - Unidentifieds investigations Agent™, BA™ - Black Ambassador™, RDAB™ - Research and Development Architect and Builder™, etc.

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 1 months ago

    Cause everyone working at the post office is an alien man, they closed the airport

  • Toots Cabral
    Toots Cabral 1 months ago

    Hey Tyler, a lot of your viewers are worried.please reply so they'll know that you are ok.

  • Toots Cabral
    Toots Cabral 1 months ago

    Another cover up by government just so the issue will die down eventually.i believe the real story is really scary for the public to accept.

  • Josephine T wooden chaple

    Pure hogwash

  • General Sorrow
    General Sorrow 1 months ago

    Two more telescopes down.

  • James Burchick
    James Burchick 2 months ago

    Yeah, it stinks, put on the pile.

  • Claire
    Claire 2 months ago

    I’m calling BS! So the other cameras were just a coincidence? Cummon!!

  • irma morrison
    irma morrison 2 months ago

    Very fishy....🤔

  • Aaron Heiby
    Aaron Heiby 2 months ago

    I’m not buying it. If this was for criminal activity, they would of closed for a couple hours at the most not days. Just saying!

  • Jay Mcghee
    Jay Mcghee 2 months ago

    There were two orb-like objects that passed the sun starting on the 9th & 10th of September. One came down from the top, and the other passed like the one in this video. One object was reportedly bigger than the other. I'm not sure how many passed on the 11th, but maybe this is why the observatory was shutdown.

  • Gregory Henley
    Gregory Henley 2 months ago

    I'd say the FBI and Homeland Security had closed the facility to bug and install secret cameras.

  • Mezer4u
    Mezer4u 2 months ago

    Dude, Let this go! before you turn the head of the beast.