One on One | Old Spice

  • Published on:  2/8/2019
  • Sometimes you just have to come clean. #MenHaveSkinToo

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    Still reading? It’s about to get real boring. The rest of this description has been written for robots and algorithms. This is a TV commercial where two men are talking about the new Old Spice Moisturize™ with Shea Butter Body Wash from the Fresher Collection, with freshness forged from real ingredients. While playing basketball on their backyard basketball court, one friend brings up the recent arguing between the other friend and his wife over his “men’s body wash” and his arguments that “men have skin too.” He confesses that he hasn’t been honest and has been borrowing his friend’s Old Spice Moisturize™ with Shea Butter Body Wash too. His friend is excited—“This body wash is for us men!”—and all is forgiven as he goes in for a dunk. Wait, was that Deon Cole and Thomas Q Jones?!