One on One | Old Spice

  • Published on:  2/8/2019
  • Sometimes you just have to come clean.Shop the Fresher Collection: More Manly Stuff: Subscribe to our YouTube: reading? It’s about to get real boring. The rest of this description has been written for robots and algorithms. This is a TV commercial where two men are talking about the new Old Spice Moisturize™ with Shea Butter Body Wash from the Fresher Collection, with freshness forged from real ingredients. While playing basketball on their backyard basketball court, one friend brings up the recent arguing between the other friend and his wife over his “men’s body wash” and his arguments that “men have skin too.” He confesses that he hasn’t been honest and has been borrowing his friend’s Old Spice Moisturize™ with Shea Butter Body Wash too. His friend is excited—“This body wash is for us men!”—and all is forgiven as he goes in for a dunk. Wait, was that Deon Cole and Thomas Q Jones?!


  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez 6 months ago+1207

    The only ad that I purposely click on. Is something wrong with me? LOL

  • Iare RubberDucky
    Iare RubberDucky 6 months ago+1825

    These commercials are turning into Bros before Hoes

  • MattyFez
    MattyFez 6 months ago+1204

    Some say he's still shooting to this day

  • Jacob Maximus
    Jacob Maximus 6 months ago+1373

    These ads are starting to hit a little to close at home

  • Cat Craze
    Cat Craze 4 months ago+353

    1940s: We'll have flying cars!
    2019: Finally realising the male gender has skin.

  • Yhur Hurt
    Yhur Hurt 4 months ago+388

    Old Spice just knows how to make commercials fun.

  • CircaSriYak
    CircaSriYak 6 months ago+536

    Can we get "Basketballer man gets nice shot for 10 hours" please?

  • Hollywood Hawkins
    Hollywood Hawkins 6 months ago+346

    I borrowed my brothers old spice lavender wash.. & i told him.. He said its ok bro.. Men have skin too which led me to these ads lmao

  • Divine Ma'ajestic
    Divine Ma'ajestic 4 months ago+96

    This is the first time I cared to click on an ad like this and I wasn't disappointed 😂

  • The9gods
    The9gods 6 months ago+276

    Nice Shot...

  • Ze rø
    Ze rø 4 months ago+69

    Thomas: I've also been sleeping with your wife
    Dean: wait wha-
    Iconic whistle

  • Xx-raZ0r_pup-xX
    Xx-raZ0r_pup-xX 4 months ago+262

    Lol im glad men are getting better skin care products every one should have nice skin !

  • Journi2Lyfe
    Journi2Lyfe 6 months ago+118

    Lol!! Ok this needs it's own series. 🤣

  • thats daroin
    thats daroin 6 months ago+69

    Ya this definitely just turned into guy code🤣

  • SOLO citizen
    SOLO citizen 6 months ago+142

    I like how weird old spice ads be lol

  • EssentialClassic
    EssentialClassic 6 months ago+119

    So we're not going to talk about how Deon just did the Karl Malone dunk at the end?

  • Malibu CA
    Malibu CA 4 months ago+85

    If all commercials were like this I’d watch them. So subtly retro 79ish like someone’s going to walk in with a Folgers coffee at anytime. ☕️

  • You're So Witty
    You're So Witty 4 months ago+26

    Deion Cole has very good comedic timing and facial expressions.

  • Dinos Imisides
    Dinos Imisides 6 months ago+41

    My pc startin' to smell like lavender and I ain't even mad!

  • mc ayres
    mc ayres 4 months ago+65

    I love these adds! Gonna get me some old spice for my man!
    Bout time men got a company that gives them some respect ✊🏻!