• Published on:  2/18/2017
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    We've been wanting to kidnap a group of strangers (consensually of course!) to test people's spontaneity for a long time. We're super pumped to have finally gone through with it! We know most of you probably won't believe that they actually agreed to put these paper bags on their heads but... neither did we in the beginning!!

    Starting on 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica we went on a crazy adventure... Hope you enjoy!!

    Thank you Isabel and Luis for being such a good sport!

    Thank you to York from iflyheli make sure you follow him on instagram @iflyheli !

    Thank you to the "Best Friends Animal Society's NKLA Pet Adoption Center." Go check them out!

    Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin met in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2015 and bonded over their shared desire to live a life that challenged and excited them. Fast forward to a year later, the team is now based out of Los Angeles, making a show on Snapchat Discover every Sunday on the Brother Channel.

    Snapchat handle: yestheory

    All music from Epidemic Sound:
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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer, Derin Emre
    Filmed by Derin Emre
    Editor: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer