Master Comics Theater featuring Daniel Kibblesmith | Earth's Mightiest Show Bonus

  • Published on:  9/6/2018
  • Hosts Lorraine Cink and Langston Belton bring you a very special Master Comics Theater series presented by “Marvel: Create Your Own” from Tap Tap Comics. The story features Kate Bishop a.k.a. the REAL Hawkeye written by Marvel comic book and “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” writer, Daniel Kibblesmith.

    Create and share your own comics with “Marvel: Create Your Own” from Tap Tap Comics. #ad

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  • Chris G (Sep 6, 2018)

    where is the trailer for Captain Marvel

  • Matt Playzs (Sep 6, 2018)

    Marvel is the best

  • Fire Ice (Sep 6, 2018)

    Kinda wish Wiccan got his own comic. Even a fan made comic. He and Teddy are my fav YAs

  • Pinkie1201 (Sep 6, 2018)

    Did I click this video purely because of Kate Bishop... Yes... Yes I did

  • Ruben Argueta (Sep 6, 2018)

    young avengers always

  • Dark Crow (Sep 6, 2018)

    What did I just watch?Don't know but it was hilarious in a cringey way.

  • Joe.Cavanaugh (Sep 8, 2018)

    Why doesn't M.O.D.O.K know how to pronounce 'Luddite'?

  • imkluu (Sep 6, 2018)

    Well done all Great voice acting.

  • ゞvodka (Sep 6, 2018)

    M.O.D.O.K scares me in the thumbnail

  • aditya paul (Sep 6, 2018)

    why was modok cut out from winter soldier