Duke vs. Virginia Condensed Game | 2018-19 ACC Basketball

  • Published on:  2/9/2019
  • Watch the Condensed Game from Virginia Cavaliers vs. Duke Blue Devils, 02/09/2019


  • brownieboiii 5 months ago

    Duke out here shooting like the warriors

  • Caroll Clayton 5 months ago

    🖖 *I М"АSТURВАТЕ Т0 V!IDЕ0S 0N МY С!HАNNЕL! L!00K!* 📕📕📕

  • Jason Jimerson 5 months ago

    I was just about to say that.

  • Burrell1 5 months ago

    Duke is shooting the lights out! I never saw many teams play as good as Virginia did, and still loose by 10. Damn...

  • tre_wood 5 months ago

    Yo mom

  • Marquis De Sade 5 months ago

    That's what people are missing. UVA played just about as well as I've seen them play all year and they still lost by double digits. Duke went wire-to-wire.

  • Simeon 5 months ago

    Today I learnt that Kyle Guy is cold asf. Fair play to the boy!

  • The King 3 months ago

    @Marquis De Sade zero trust eh?

  • Bear 7 5 months ago

    K.J Lawrence everyone has an opinion dude. I just choose to have a postive one about a kid with potential. I never said he’s gonna be a #1 pick. Dude relax. I give credit to the guys that I see potential and good character. You probably give credit to all the whiners and haters that talk shit on the court who have parents that condone it. SMDH.

  • LaMont Melrose 5 months ago

    If you can block a 3 pointer in the corner by covering 15 ft in 3 seconds, followed by jumping at least 40 inches off the ground in order to do so...that's scary! Zion is scary...the NBA is in trouble. By the way, I scream, 'R J!!!' from the cartoon, Over the Hedge, every time he scores!!

  • Skeeter Daye 5 months ago

    NBA is saved by one and dones. NBA $$$$$$$$$, not troubled at all. way more views. but Zion is something special. no doubt.

  • D 5 months ago

    Jones was a silent menace tonight. Barrett was a loud assassin. Zion brought the thunder. Reddish brought the lightning. There is no beating that.

  • Oba*** Man 5 months ago

    The blue devils defeated a very good Virginia team at their home court, duke should be the number one team in the country.

  • Matt Johnson 5 months ago

    Ryan Denkewicz lol yeah I am definitely in this guys head 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  • Ryan Denkewicz 5 months ago

    @Matt Johnson Nope it costs you a big L to UK. Get exposed and put down.

  • Focused All Day  5 months ago

    All I have to say is Cam Reddish

  • tre_wood 5 months ago

    You like this guy, huh?

  • Terry King 5 months ago

    @Bear 7 u right but he probably would have to build his stamina, Reggie, and Richard , was constantly running behind screams, and never stopped running through out the game,they had stamina like a deer.

  • Rodney Johnson 5 months ago

    Only team that can beat duke is duke

  • 😂😂 the tide has turned

  • Rj Pogi 3 months ago


  • Caleb Altizer 5 months ago

    I don’t wanna hear another word from a uva fan the rest of the year. SWEPT

  • MalhariOfficial 27 days ago

    Caleb Altizer 😂😂😭😭 clown, hold this fat Natty L

  • MalhariOfficial 27 days ago

    Caleb Altizer the National Champs would like to send you a big fat L

  • L. Xavier 5 months ago

    8:52 this is why he'll go #1

  • Jason Lind 2 months ago

    "Coach said no threes"

  • FazoBte 5 months ago

    Christopher Dixon i say Rugby shidd