Caveman Created Ancient Gym Workout Tools By Primitive Skills

  • Published on:  9/5/2018
  • Caveman Created Ancient Gym Workout Tools By Primitive Skills

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  • luis maldonado
    luis maldonado yesterday

    That some Paleo for yo ass right there!

  • Gabe Rodriguez
    Gabe Rodriguez yesterday

    I love your videos on YouTube

  • stanz3x
    stanz3x 2 days ago

    My gym has no excuse for having equipment broken

  • Jorge Cardenas
    Jorge Cardenas 2 days ago+2

    Como prendes el fuego

  • Jessica Pacheco
    Jessica Pacheco 2 days ago

    Imagine going fir a walk in the forest see this dude working out in complete silence😂😂

  • MagicalSquid
    MagicalSquid 2 days ago

    Who the hell needs a gym membership when you can just make your own equipment ?

  • Emin 368
    Emin 368 2 days ago

    0:25 he pissed himself

  • xyz abc
    xyz abc 2 days ago

    Hareketleri yanlis yapiyosun oç

  • ItsNillow
    ItsNillow 2 days ago

    Your bench press form is horrable...

  • Alex Viduya
    Alex Viduya 2 days ago

    It’s really satisfying watching him make the clay/cement

  • Grant Daniell - Solo Performer

    How hot must the girl hes doing all this for be

  • Grant Daniell - Solo Performer

    NASA plan to make all future space craft outta that indestructable vine hes using

  • Grant Daniell - Solo Performer

    Cause the one thing Ive always thought watching this guys videos is that he doesnt get enough exercise....

  • Mohcen Karrout
    Mohcen Karrout 3 days ago+2

    What about mining metal ores and turn em to ingots using a furnace
    Black smithing maybe
    Making a saw for cutting lumber
    Make a Flint and steel to ignite fire faster
    Some hunting vids with bow or sling
    Make snare traps
    Smoking or salting meat
    Build a well
    A sewing machine to make fabric and ropes out of plant fiber
    Gardening maybe
    That's a lot of ideas

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez 3 days ago+1

    That treadmill got me 😂

  • Jan Teleki jr.
    Jan Teleki jr. 3 days ago

    prales fitness 🏋🏾‍♀️

  • Dond Black
    Dond Black 3 days ago


  • Hippity Hopotus
    Hippity Hopotus 3 days ago

    The termites have a really big human problem around these parts.

  • Ali Abdul Raheem
    Ali Abdul Raheem 3 days ago

    Man u don't need to lift weights. U get all the excercising u need in the jungle