Inside The Mind of Ryan Higa

  • Published on:  12/14/2018
  • Rane Hawson goes deep inside the mind of Ryan Higa... See the making of this video here: my book "how to write good" Launched New Official Store Channel us mail or whatever you want here!PO Box 232355Las Vegas, NV 89105


  • Lovin Raghava
    Lovin Raghava 8 months ago+2786

    I'm pretty sure the "tired and broken" part is a subliminal hint that Ryan is really feeling this. Not jumping on trends just for views and still putting so much hardwork into his videos that take months to make. We all need to let Ryan know we are with him.

  • Eli J
    Eli J 7 months ago+3264

    Dear Ryan can you do a Bird Box parody

  • ritmabo E
    ritmabo E 7 months ago+1234

    Ryan higa actually deserves all his subscribers unlike most other youtubers he really worked hard for his success
    Thank u for all the likes😁 people

  • Brittney Clark
    Brittney Clark 7 months ago+558

    Please take care of yourself, Ryan. It’s okay to take a break

  • Z ee
    Z ee 7 months ago+269

    Ryan I know that this is a joke and if it’s coming from a real place, I really enjoy your content. You were the first youtuber I’ve ever watched. I love you man. If you gotta chill out, then chill out. I support you

  • Curryball 25
    Curryball 25 8 months ago+1854

    Ok, honestly we can all agree that Ryan and his crew deserves much more than they get. The amount of work, effort, and passion they put into their work is unbelievable. YouTube is a platform in which I believe he is not able to express himself as openly as he wants. I honestly believe Ryan should go into a directing career. As he said he’s been producing contents for almost 12 years now. Within those years he has improved on his skills greatly but is still the same person, which’s what makes him so love able. Ryan never follows the trends or tried to “evolve” with YouTube, he’s always sticked with his guts and his beliefs. Myself and so many of others are forever in debt to you. For making us laugh countless times, for helping us get through rough times by putting a smile on our faces.
    Always and forever a lamp.

  • Loay Amin
    Loay Amin 7 months ago+223

    I've been watching your videos since before skitzos. And I somehow got the feeling that you're actually not feeling good. We really love you and you're one of the VERY few youtubers who put amazing content on Youtube regardless of the trends. If you feel tired, take a break. It you feel sad and want to talk about it, talk about it. If you feel misunderstood, talk to a doctor. If you think you're going through mental issues, please seek help man.
    Either that or you were actually making a funny joke. If so, then I'm sorry I over reacted. I just really admire and love you and your work ethic.
    Take care man.

  • 1M Subscribers without videos ;V

    Ryan's 2 brain cells battling, and then understanding each other, like Reality and Fantasy

  • harshitha koppala
    harshitha koppala 7 months ago+361

    who else likes the part with Regina?

  • Spicy Maple Syrup
    Spicy Maple Syrup 7 months ago+190

    There’s always a twist in Ryan’s video

  • Annie
    Annie 8 months ago+1706

    All jokes aside, I hope Ryan is doing okay. If you really do feel like that, please take a break, Ryan. You deserve it. You’ve been doing this for so long, and truly are one of the few creators that I still love after all these years. We lamps support you always, and only wish the best for you. Thank you for all you do, Ryan.

  • peacendpola23
    peacendpola23 7 months ago+143

    I watched Shane's Jake Paul thing and it was entertaining but it was too much and I had a lot of things I didn't like... I then watched Pewdiepie's take on it, which I appreciated since is pointing out those things I didn't like... BUT this is by far the best approach to the subject one can make. I love Ryan's sarcasm.

  • hem hem
    hem hem 7 months ago+120

    Forgot about this channel and I came back. No regrets I remember how much I love this guy!

  • Noobfest
    Noobfest 7 months ago+159

    Came here after watching the latest If I quit Youtube video... and this is connecting well

  • 50 subscribers with 0 videos

    Random person scrolling down the comments why are you here

  • Jay Gill
    Jay Gill 8 months ago+1599

    Can we just appreciate Ryan and the Psychologist's acting, like it was amazing

  • Alexis Moua
    Alexis Moua 5 months ago+53

    Rane: "His smile gets wider, and his eyes are squinty."
    Me: *I'm Asian and dead from his overreaction*😂

  • MeowTheRainbowX
    MeowTheRainbowX 7 months ago+61

    I love how even though this is a topical parody, it still contains Ryan’s unique sense of humor in full force.

  • laura j
    laura j 7 months ago+67

    am i the only one who noticed that when regina hung up the Psychologist said "he hung up"🤣🤣🤣

  • Kirayoshi Akisato
    Kirayoshi Akisato 7 months ago+82

    hmm..... well i get this supposed to be a parody, entertaining and all but, the vibe of this video trully gave me unsettling feeling, I'm worried about him , and those part about broken, tired and all is genuine, i just knew it.... ryan we all feel grateful for all those effort of what you've been doing for these past of 12 years. we appreciate it. And if you want to decide to change for something/evaluate your like, take a break, do it man, just you know we all truly love and support you, just do what's best for you..take care of your mental health...^v^