The Best 'BoJack Horseman’ Fan Theories Explained

  • Published on:  2/3/2019
  • On a show as layered and complex as BoJack Horseman, you’ve got to look past the animal puns and dig deep to understand the past traumas of the characters, and how those things will affect them in future episodes. The show is steeped in foreshadowing, and some rabid viewers have analyzed the heck out of the series and we’ve scoured the internet for these theories. From why Princess Carolyn can’t have kids biologically, to Diane dying like a Princess- I’m here to tell you all the redditer conspiracies, show you the evidence, and decide if there’s anything to these online musings. I’m Kris Carr, and here’s your crash course in BoJack Horseman conspiracy theories. #bojackhorsemanSubscribe For More Obsev Now! ►►►►►►Check out our site: http://www.obsev.comLike us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: us on ROKU:


  • quack man
    quack man 6 months ago+1425

    Fan Theory: Bojack is the actor who plays The Horse from Horsin' Around.

  • Stephen Rakoczy
    Stephen Rakoczy 6 months ago+1903

    Sarah Lynn’s abuse isn’t a conspiracy theory; her mother once told her to stop making up stories about her step-dad, so I think it’s very clear that the abuse occurred

  • GreenZonto
    GreenZonto 6 months ago+1247

    Just gotta clear this very important fact up, he wasn't actually reaching for Diane while underwater, he was just blocking his eyes from the helicopter light :)

  • Alex
    Alex 6 months ago+879

    If you think about Sarah Lynn being abused by her step dad, it shows why she is basically in love with Bojack. Not in the sense where they are lovers, although that did happen. But more like a father figure that can control her, and why every time Bojack interacted with her, her life began to fall apart. Makes you think of how much worse that situation is with context.

  • Ionic Apple
    Ionic Apple 6 months ago+948

    I think the last line will be “are you the horse from horsin around?”

  • pinguijose
    pinguijose 6 months ago+916

    Princess Caroline necklaces theory fall flat on its face when you consider that her mother wore the same necklaces and had like a bazillion child.

  • Henry The Moonrabbit
    Henry The Moonrabbit 6 months ago+325

    I don’t think Bojack will kill himself because Bojack Horseman (the show) doesn’t really sensationalize that kind of stuff. I think one reason a lot of us like it is because it addresses mental illness in the exact opposite way Thirteen Reasons Why does/did. I think having Bojack kill himself as a finale would go against the way the show portrays depression and I know a few people (including me) would get a little angry over that

  • FilmmakeroftheFuture
    FilmmakeroftheFuture 6 months ago+545

    Sugarman was Beatrice's maiden name, not Henrietta's. Henrietta's maiden name is Platchkey.

  • Not Lucy
    Not Lucy 4 months ago+115


  • Hambone Fakenamington
    Hambone Fakenamington 6 months ago+620

    I feel like the thing about Sarah Lynn's stepdad-bear is basically canon? Like, it's really obvious that writers are implicating that she was molested by her stepdad. As in, it's all but stated and you can't exactly call it a fan theory when it's the very clearly the idea the writers intend for you to get.
    Other than that one, good video!

  • kit kat
    kit kat 5 months ago+88

    Wish they'd bring back Judah 💔

  • Chris Hubley
    Chris Hubley 5 months ago+85

    I think the drowning imagery is more of a metaphor for depression than a foreshadowing of a suicide

  • xXFlippyXx100
    xXFlippyXx100 6 months ago+285

    Caroline's necklace was never passed down thru generations. Her mom stole it from the fox family while cleaning. Caroline made up the story herself and her mom went ahead and let her believe it.

  • Allyson Drosten-Brooks
    Allyson Drosten-Brooks 6 months ago+505

    Bring back Vincent Adultman

  • Lowell Lucas Jr.
    Lowell Lucas Jr. 6 months ago+381

    Is it weird to like Sarah Lynn? I find her tragic yet lovable. I understand Bojacks plight.

  • geardog24
    geardog24 6 months ago+373

    Nerdwire and Bojack?
    What is this, a crossover episode?

  • Finny Chan
    Finny Chan 6 months ago+152

    Its interesting how Sarah Lynn's outfit look as she meantions the fur

  • Miles Parker
    Miles Parker 6 months ago+194

    I think in the end, bojack will realize that his depression will never go away, so he just lives with it but learns how to not be destructive.
    I imagine the ending will be him having a horrible day. He then drives to a bar, but decides at the last second to not go in, and instead he goes to a friends house to talk about it. Bojack's life still gets miserable, but now he knows how to deal with it.

  • FriedFrenchFries
    FriedFrenchFries 6 months ago+251

    More evidence to go with the "Bojack will kill himself" theory: It's mentioned throughout the whole show that nothing can have an end because it will always keep going. In the episode "Downer Ending" Todd and Sarah Lynn are helping Bojack write his book and they come to a conclusion that the book can't end until Bojack's story ends and the only way for it to end is if he died. This could be hinting that the show can't end unless Bojack dies. Even though the show focuses on many characters, it's his show. It's called "Bojack Horseman" after all.

  • geardog24
    geardog24 6 months ago+314

    I really hope they don't try to kill off Diane.