[MV] 체리블렛(Cherry Bullet) _ Q&A

  • Published on:  1/21/2019
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  • *January - Cherry Bullet* ❤*Febuary - ITZY* *March - Everglow* *April - BVNDIT*

  • barelyfunctioning 3 hours ago

    Kim Ssamuu Look them up, they have two absolute BOPS and are one of my fave groups in general.

  • celestialflautist 26 days ago

    May - 3YE!

  • This group is not the next SNSD. Not the next AOA. Not the next Red Velvet, and not the next Twice. This is Cherry Bullet. The only Cherry Bullet. 🍒🔫

  • EvelyneA. Chan 4 hours ago

    @lmoosh mm and i don't care

  • Mm Ff 13 days ago


  • samzn 3 months ago

    Cant believe this didnt blow up as Everglow did.

  • kpop lover 6782 4 days ago

    @hee hee ikr

  • kpop lover 6782 4 days ago

    Why did they not blow up easy question Because they are not twice,blackpink,red velvet,SNSD,AOA or their company is not popular and they did not trend in any country get it dummy

  • Sweet Daisies 2 months ago

    Overwatch fans side eyeing as a hint for the new DVA skin....

  • Isaiah Jones 13 days ago


  • jim boywonder 4 months ago

    I'm gonna put it nicely: If Cherry Bullet were under a large and more popular agency, they will be bigger than they are now. They will have better promotions. People will call them ROTY, and they will actually deserve it because this is a great debut song, they have stable voices, they don't rely on their choreography, and their group concept is coherent.

  • Rosa Mendes 5 days ago

    @my name is jeff yeah weird but correct

  • my name is jeff 6 days ago

    no,fcking no,if an idol group is not as popular as other group,it doesn't mean it's because of their companies,its because of the girls,the vibe,the talent,the song,you dont make shitty excuses like this,if they arent as popular as itzy,everglow or any rookie group,its the girls,not the fckin companies,im sick of hearing shit like this,fuck you and your fucking excuses if your idol isnt as popular,you're saying it like other girl groups is popular because of their companies,twice dont even have 1m in f...

  • infra sight 2 months ago

    Cherry Bullet x Overwatch ?? Dva gonna get a cherry bullet skin??

  • B a B y D o L L 1 months ago

    @Melody Headburn You are so late....lolIt's not happening. it was the Academy skin instead.

  • Melody Headburn 1 months ago

    Feral Lion wait who did? Why do you think it’s going to happen? Fill me in ahhh

  • Stripe Rainbow 1 months ago

    Who came here after really really?!

  • Kim Zainab 12 days ago


  • Stripe Rainbow 1 months ago

    @Ekols lets just say q and a was better

  • Yoongless Mint 4 months ago

    Why are people even talking about ITZY here? I mean I stan them but it's so disrespectful comparing them and saying things like "iTzY dOeSn'T dEsErVe tHE aTtEnTiOn" under a Video which has NOTHING to do with them😒 #stopthefanwars

  • HAHAHAHA! I know😑😂

  • Rosa Mendes 2 months ago

    @Human Noid some it also has alot of ifans and is #20 in billboard and peaked at #2

  • This honestly looks like a comeback, not a debut

  • Melody Headburn 1 months ago

    AlexOnline15 _ a debut would be made by inexperienced rookies, so it would feel a little more awkward - especially since they most likely haven’t found their style yet (like CLC, that started out with a cutesy concept, but ended up fitting a much more mature one.) while this... is the opposite!

  • AlexOnline15 _ 1 months ago

    which is the difference you look?

  • These are all Cherry Bullet fans!!!💚⬇️