Chris Pratt Talks Accents, Getting Naked & Stealing Food | The Graham Norton Show CLASSIC CLIP



  • Yunz06
    Yunz06 a years ago+9730

    How is this the most miserable and yet amazing card trick ever at the same time?
    I think that's the real magic of it.

  • Tedison
    Tedison 6 months ago+2198

    I can't afford to laugh on his story on surviving hunger. He made just made it sound funny but really its sad.

  • Brandon Tackett
    Brandon Tackett 6 months ago+1435

    It's funny how William has no idea about cards
    "I had an A"

  • The Nozar
    The Nozar a years ago+1620

    Love how Jennifer Lawrence went from being kind of embarrassed and trying to low key stop the trick to being absolutely bamboozled

  • Enceladus Eve
    Enceladus Eve 4 months ago+959

    Chris Pratt, Ryan Reynolds, Paul Rudd on the show at the same time! That would be disastrous!!! ❤️

  • Scottie Rasberry
    Scottie Rasberry 11 months ago+1395

    2:40 They're both looking so intently at him, as if they're trying to peek into his ears to see how his brain works. 😂

  • Mahmuda Kabir Moni
    Mahmuda Kabir Moni 9 months ago+562

    How he described his tough days with sarcasm...but eyes say all :)

  • Mofotov
    Mofotov 3 months ago+720

    You know someone is really good at acting when that person made an oscar winner believe that you are failing a magic trick.

  • Gar An
    Gar An 3 months ago+436

    I did a similar card trick at a party and knocked some dude's prosthetic hand to the ground.

  • Kbitch Kal
    Kbitch Kal 10 months ago+2050

    I really want
    And Falcon to sit down and have a conversation 😂

  • Mongo Boogie
    Mongo Boogie a years ago+476

    Jennifer's reaction is priceless. While the rest of us have almost lost the will to live, Jen is ready to marry him (almost.)

  • Nick Frost
    Nick Frost 6 months ago+325

    Chris "Give me a fist bump"
    Will "wait a sec...."
    Will does it

  • Menzy
    Menzy 3 months ago+172

    never knew pratt struggled like that trying to pursue acting in LA. makes you respect him even more

  • June H
    June H 10 months ago+332

    It was so good that Jen put her WINE down. Thats when you know its real magic.

  • Blazicken
    Blazicken 3 months ago+348

    I know how the trick is done, and I have to say, the way he presented it was pretty entertaining.

  • Swordsfor200Alex
    Swordsfor200Alex 5 months ago+228

    Jennifer is picturing Chris naked every time she looks at him.....

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 7 months ago+144

    Chris pratt:
    Kind Hearted,

  • Nisalee B
    Nisalee B a years ago+2739

    Chris Pratt's interviews are always very entertaining.

  • Dion St. Michael
    Dion St. Michael 3 months ago+245

    How can you not be charmed by Chris Pratt. He’s adorable. I love that he is so public about his Christianity too despite the fact that I’m not very religious. I love his fearlessness. He’s an open book of honesty. Probably one of the sweetest men in Hollyweird.

  • marcy Basco
    marcy Basco 2 months ago+37

    Chris Pratt doing the Essex ascent 😂
    I'm from essex and I know people who talk exactly like that