70th Emmy Awards: John Mulaney Wins For Outstanding Writing in a Variety Special

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • 70th Emmy Awards: John Mulaney Wins For Outstanding Writing in a Variety Special for Kid Gorgeous.


  • Maya Hayes
    Maya Hayes 11 months ago+4117

    she’s not even there and yet john’s wife still manages to be the most iconic person in the room

  • Kelsey LM
    Kelsey LM 11 months ago+4193

    Did you see his face when he won ? He was terrified of having to go to a secondary location

  • amanda rose
    amanda rose 11 months ago+2957

    maybe now petunia will finally recognize him as the alpha of the apartment

  • Angie Pants
    Angie Pants 11 months ago+4070

    That tall child won a prestigious award!

  • Samuel Martin
    Samuel Martin 10 months ago+1638

    He looks so confused by the fact that he won. He must've really gotten thrown off his rhythm.

  • magictoast15
    magictoast15 11 months ago+3466

    I’m so happy for that proud Asian American woman!

  • kuragin
    kuragin 11 months ago+884

    maybe his dad will finally get him mcdonalds, instead of getting a black coffee for himself

  • Idk man
    Idk man 11 months ago+2782

    His feminine hips won him an Emmy look at that

  • k a y l e e
    k a y l e e 10 months ago+429

    " aaand their assistants who do all the stuff"
    damn straight.

  • New Message
    New Message 11 months ago+1818

    Not bad, wining an Emmy before puberty.

  • Kirsten S.
    Kirsten S. 11 months ago+2760

    Pretty disappointed that “What’s New Pussycat” didn’t play when his name was announced...

  • Kate
    Kate 11 months ago+1918

    I love how so many comments are just so many references through the years to his jokes. Committed fan base?

  • Blake Emsley,
    Blake Emsley, 10 months ago+872

    Man he was untamed on that stage. Like a dog without a horse.

  • Morgan Hill
    Morgan Hill 11 months ago+474

    I hope he doesn’t go to an after party...that’s a secondary location

  • Savithi Gunasinghe
    Savithi Gunasinghe 11 months ago+1008


  • Megan Ripley
    Megan Ripley 11 months ago+1265

    The fact he and Bill Hader won on the same night makes me so happy.

  • Smileforthecamera
    Smileforthecamera 11 months ago+607

    He was not prepared. You can see it in his eyes and sweaty back

  • JTVA
    JTVA 11 months ago+478

    I think once I heard "Horse in a Hospital", I knew Mulaney had it. ALL of these specials poke fun at Trump, but no matter WHAT Mulaney does, he does it with class and amazing humor.
    This high waisted, feminine hip having, Catholic, New In Town, Asian American Woman is the BEST comedian on the planet right now. I hope this is the first of many awards he gets.

  • Sarah Grimes
    Sarah Grimes 11 months ago+477

    Steve Martin and Martin Steve

  • Poshcat
    Poshcat 11 months ago+674

    He won! Nobody deserves it more. S T R E E T S M A R T S !!!!