70th Emmy Awards: John Mulaney Wins For Outstanding Writing in a Variety Special

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • 70th Emmy Awards: John Mulaney Wins For Outstanding Writing in a Variety Special for Kid Gorgeous.


  • Aviel Mann Ballo
    Aviel Mann Ballo 6 days ago

    LOL @ Abbi & Ilana saying "Hi!" when he met them on stage

  • harley and her aesthetic

    there truly is and never will be a better joke about donald trump than the horse in a hospital bit. truly a classic.

  • J Connor
    J Connor 13 days ago+2

    steve martin and martin steve

  • Jane
    Jane 20 days ago+1

    He is literally so stunned
    I love him

  • luxusmode111
    luxusmode111 1 months ago

    I'm just so proud of him. I've been watching him for years now, and I don't understand why people don't know much about him. He's fucking hilarious, and his humour isn't hurtful or stupid. I'm so hapoy he's finally getting recognized.

  • The moonlight tiger
    The moonlight tiger 1 months ago+3

    *someone approaches him afterwards to go get a drink*
    John: You want this Emmy?! Go get it!! *throws Emmy across the room and sprints away*

  • AllMight !
    AllMight ! 1 months ago


  • Moggy Johnny
    Moggy Johnny 1 months ago

    The terror in his face omg

  • vprince1173
    vprince1173 2 months ago+2

    that was such a Catholic boy moment, him jumping up and hugging no one and just rushing to the stage guiltily like he's holding things up and better get moving

  • Andry To
    Andry To 2 months ago

    The 2 Girls is Cringe, Yo...

  • broadwaymelody33
    broadwaymelody33 2 months ago+1

    Omg I noticed even before Finn Wolfhard jumps up for a standing ovation, he’s like freaking out in his seat when his names announced!

  • Caitlin Sanderson
    Caitlin Sanderson 2 months ago

    I'm still so proud of him I love him so much

  • Janet Pie
    Janet Pie 2 months ago

    Look at this beautiful beautiful man confused if it's really him😂 I live him

  • Luke Vreeman
    Luke Vreeman 2 months ago+2

    I love how he just looks pleasantly surprised when he wins the award. That little eyebrow raise, I bet his internal monologue is just: "Oh! Really?"

  • Phluffy Phantom
    Phluffy Phantom 2 months ago

    I’m so proud of this Asian American woman

  • joshuaoha
    joshuaoha 2 months ago

    "There's a story... but it's a not a very good story so I'm not gonna tell it."
    That's it. My favorite Emmy speech.

  • Andrew Sassine
    Andrew Sassine 2 months ago


  • Aly Jiselle
    Aly Jiselle 2 months ago

    Those two weren't funny at all.

  • PhillyFrank1
    PhillyFrank1 2 months ago

    Well deserved. Mulaney is brilliant and evidently a really nice person, too.

  • Allenda Simpson
    Allenda Simpson 2 months ago

    ....I’m sure Veronica was watching..😊