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  • lavender spring
    lavender spring 7 hours ago+1

    I'm hungry🍽🌮🧀🌶🌭🌯🍹🍪

  • maria del amor nchama mangue

    0:00 song please ..?!

  • debb poll
    debb poll yesterday

    I would place the potpie in a more shallow container because of the pastry on top....very nice vid

  • Уютный Дом


  • Jessicrazy
    Jessicrazy 2 days ago+1

    Anyone else here after Ann Reardon roasted So Yummy? 😂

  • Natasha Hart
    Natasha Hart 2 days ago

    Could have baked plantains for the eggs instead of squash as an alternative.

  • Jessie T!
    Jessie T! 2 days ago

    Sooo hungry

  • r0SiE the unicorn
    r0SiE the unicorn 3 days ago+1

    2:48 K that icecream scoop changed...

  • #Razi rox
    #Razi rox 3 days ago


  • Shahab Uddin
    Shahab Uddin 3 days ago

    1:10 is bangladeshi recipe.

  • Dung hoang trung
    Dung hoang trung 3 days ago

    How can we get cookbook

  • Leidiana Lima
    Leidiana Lima 4 days ago

    So yummy

  • Nicci BigBird
    Nicci BigBird 7 days ago

    Covering nice fatty substances? Yeah, great...fml. I want them all

  • citru
    citru 7 days ago

    😭i want to make those pies and smoothies but i don't have an oven nor a mixer

  • Sara Ye
    Sara Ye 11 days ago

    Mi fa venire fame buono

  • Sweet potato Pie
    Sweet potato Pie 12 days ago

    I cook the cauliflower OMG it was delicious

  • Bhavya Purti
    Bhavya Purti 12 days ago

    Hey there is blossom!! Cool So Yummy love it

  • Easy Detox
    Easy Detox 15 days ago

    wow THESE are really delicious hacks...

  • Prettypinkfro
    Prettypinkfro 15 days ago

    Sound hurts my ears

  • dogstraning
    dogstraning 16 days ago

    Nelson wants to eat all of this, but it is only for humans, not for dogs. Give him a like and I'll give him a dog snack🍪