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  • DoritoAndShyTorito 1 years ago

    1:11 Me: guys I made wings!Everyone: FINALLY!!*Bites into it* Me: EAT YOUR VEGETABELS!!

  • Emina Čolak 27 days ago

    oh my by public xDDDD

  • Emilia Aegerter 3 months ago

    who else watches the videos but never makes the recipe

  • Rachel Choi 1 years ago

    imagine biting into a buffalo wing only to find out its cailiflower

  • Elvira Condemilicor 21 days ago

    machine same

  • Saffie Taffie 25 days ago

    Well, i *really* love cauliflower..

  • Destiny Fannon 3 days ago

    Me: Wait... That's not health food... THAT'S VEGAN FOOD. **Is dying**

  • Mika plays Gacha 9 months ago

    1:00 best way to prank a chicken lover and cauliflower😂

  • sohana khan 1 years ago

    7:08 That colour though! Never thought mixed fruit could make this colour

  • GalaxyPineapple978 27 days ago

    sohana khan it really is beautiful

  • The happy baggage 8 months ago

    I mean pitaya

  • Amira Brown 28 days ago

    6:21 ya might wanna hide you lisence plate number.....

  • TJanaeart 11 months ago

    I would hate you forever if you gave me those bootleg chicken wings

  • Nickel M 4 months ago

    I know right, just give me my cauliflower raw and plain

  • BlackHippe 5 months ago

    My brothers black but has a white girlfriend and she fed him these.

  • Poran Tudor 9 hours ago

    What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?NACHO CHEESE !!!!!!!!

  • Juri Messenböck 1 years ago

    The only thing they do wrong is that they don’t give measurements

  • stacyblue1980 28 days ago

    and they use cauliflower. Puke