London Customs Agent Couldn't Believe John Krasinski Is Married to Emily Blunt

  • Published on:  4/3/2018
  • John Krasinski talks to Jimmy about the time he got beaned in the head by a fully loaded bagel in New York City, his daughter's Jedi mind tricks and how a customs agent reacted to learning his wife is Emily Blunt.

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    London Customs Agent Couldn't Believe John Krasinski Is Married to Emily Blunt


  • kevin conroy
    kevin conroy 3 hours ago

    As much as I’d like to finish this video, it has Jimmy Fallon in it

  • Christopher Jackson
    Christopher Jackson 4 hours ago

    My welcome to NY was after leaving Korea in the military.
    Flight took me to NY with a 10 hour layover.
    I went for a walk and found myself in Times square.
    I was walking AMD saw the MTV studios and said out loud "I am in times square".
    Guy next to me said and I quote "No shit stupid"
    Lol love NY

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee 11 hours ago

    Rockstar must have named John Cranley after him.

  • Jennica Houlton
    Jennica Houlton 2 days ago

    I love John wow

  • Yash Lucid
    Yash Lucid 3 days ago+1

    "Beard me"

  • Emily Marie Stephens

    He knows it😉🤣

  • Film Making with Siddharth Sai

    Jim Go Shave your beard, wear formals and look at the camera and smile

  • Utkarsh Modi
    Utkarsh Modi 8 days ago

    Thats jim halpert

  • Ian Tobia
    Ian Tobia 14 days ago

    Jim John, pretty much the same thing

  • Noel Martinez
    Noel Martinez 14 days ago

    Wow he’s not a fat prick like he is on the Office

  • RAch711baby
    RAch711baby 16 days ago

    This story about his wife is just GOALS

  • Aubrey Raena Strodtman
    Aubrey Raena Strodtman 22 days ago+1

    Anybody hear Deadpool kinda voice at 2:25 ? “No, my favorite color is purple”

  • SillyJo
    SillyJo 22 days ago

    It's like Emily Blunt was that customs agent's high school boyfriend or something 😄

  • Yasir Bavaş
    Yasir Bavaş 25 days ago

    sessiz bir yer filminde son sahnede bir bitirmişsiniz allah belanızı versin mallar o çok heyecanlanmıştım püüü sıçim sizin kalibınıza...

  • Helen Roy
    Helen Roy 28 days ago+9

    I mean they both are such a catch. He’s handsome and he is personality like the perfect mix between confident and humble. To say he married up is crazy, when in honesty they both married up. Everyone knows they’re “That Couple”.

  • Ali AlRassam
    Ali AlRassam 1 months ago

    What a funny hamble guy,love him

  • Deborah L
    Deborah L 1 months ago

    Them doing interviews about each other is my favorite thing ever

  • Ann Nee
    Ann Nee 1 months ago

    "I married up!" Yeah, dude, maybe by a half an inch, Emily is flawless and you're "just" very very good-looking indeed😂😂😂😂

  • Nuzhat Ramisa
    Nuzhat Ramisa 1 months ago

    he is amaaaaaaaazing

  • Mario Persaud
    Mario Persaud 1 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon seems so fake. It's kinda painful to watch him. Conan all the way