• Published on:  3/16/2019
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  • Bahama❤Beauty
    Bahama❤Beauty 5 months ago+3231

    this background is 1000000xs better than the coloured ones. Absolutely LOVE IT!

  • ZarriahRose
    ZarriahRose 4 months ago+345

    I’d really like to request a video where you share your fave makeup bags, travel storage, or just day to day storage!

  • Baia
    Baia 4 months ago+317

    wow you talk so could convince people in the dessert to buy sand from you

  • fabandchicfinds
    fabandchicfinds 4 months ago+495

    The bitch is back.... Acting like herself and her happiness shines through... Yassss girl.... Love ya... Xo

  • Amber Rays
    Amber Rays 4 months ago+259

    Jaclyn hills selling power is so prominent that I came wanting makeup and left wanting candles 😂😂

  • Aisling Redmond
    Aisling Redmond 5 months ago+2518

    Smashbox Primer Oil
    Hourglass Veil Translucent setting powder
    Fenty ProFilter instant retouch setting powder
    Morphe Bronzer in Icon
    Lily Lashes - So Extra Miami
    Kylie Cosmetics blushes
    Glossier Play liquid highlights
    Benefit cheekleaders mini bronze squad palette: Cookie highlighter
    The Creme Shop: Macro Brow
    Kylie Cosmetics gloss - Klear
    Kylie Cosmetics high glosses
    Becca/Chrissy Teigan gloss Peach Bum
    MAC: liquid lipsticks Retro Matte Lip Color - Lady Be Good, Burnt Spice
    J*Cosmetics - liquid lipsticks in I’m Nude, Celebrity Skin,
    Dose of Colors gloss: Can You Not
    Maybelline lipstick: Baddest Beige, Nude Lust
    Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist
    Amazon hand fan
    Khiels creme de corpse Body lotion
    Bath & Body Works candles: Cinnamon Spice Vanilla, Vanilla Bean
    Kneipp bath salts: Dream Away

  • Jenn Out Loud
    Jenn Out Loud 5 months ago+111

    "Hey Alexa, order me all of the stuff on Jaclyn's new YouTube Video."

  • Emily Kate
    Emily Kate 5 months ago+171

    The Cookie highlight from benefit is coming out as a single!!! Woo!

  • Lindsay Williams
    Lindsay Williams 4 months ago+176

    Champagne Pop is my ride or die staple highlight still!

  • CupcakeMuffinPie
    CupcakeMuffinPie 4 months ago+158

    jaclyn: "i hate pink"
    me: eyes pink toothbrush in the background

  • Christin Musser
    Christin Musser 5 months ago+1994

    THIS. This is the Jaclyn Hill that makes me smile and feel carefree! Happiness IS contagious! Thanks for that!

  • Vasiliki Chr
    Vasiliki Chr 4 months ago+68

    I'd really love a house tour! The bathroom looks amazing!! <3

  • Paige P
    Paige P 5 months ago+81

    “but i just prefer to be a little extra” - every cancer ever 😂😂😂

  • Eleni Taylor
    Eleni Taylor 4 months ago+38

    How is this woman so real and yet so glam at the same time? She's like a dorky glam goddess. Love it!!!

  • BeatFleek
    BeatFleek 4 months ago+50

    The blessing of JUST BEING YOURSELF on camera and not have to think about editing all your crazy personalities out cuz you have a editor! Omg! GOALSSSSS!! Love you Jaclyn !!

  • Rose Ab
    Rose Ab 5 months ago+764

    Yes please do favorite videos more often. and BTW, I liked this filming setup (in your bathroom) more than a the studio

  • Journal Away
    Journal Away 4 months ago+51

    Watching this made me so HAPPY! Loving the background, I prefer this soooo much to a studio setup, this is just so much more beautiful ❤️

  • Victoria Sutton
    Victoria Sutton 4 months ago+25

    Ok soooooo. I thought I loved you with your ex but OMGGGG. BIIIIIIIIIIOTCCCHHHHHHHHHHH. you’re just glowing with happiness right now. And confidence. Im soooo happy for you!!! 🖤

  • Milana Bajic
    Milana Bajic 4 months ago+24

    Literally my favorite kind of video that you make. And I am so obsessed with your new background! Hoping to see more from you soon, we missed you!!

  • gabxstump
    gabxstump 4 months ago+53

    If you think that benefit highlighter formula is great, try Colorpop's flexitarian !!!!!