Awesome Man! Build The Greatness Winter Ancient Villa House

  • Published on:  12/15/2018
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  • Tube Unique Wilderness
    Tube Unique Wilderness  8 months ago+528

    Please Watching More My Creative :

  • daltons channel
    daltons channel 8 months ago+1259

    I'm more impressed watching this man build a house than watching ten guys building a million dollar house in LA.

  • Paul VL
    Paul VL 4 months ago+251

    For real though those ants must be mad as hell. Like every couple of weeks some dude with a stick comes over and beats them all into dust.

  • martin deGREAT
    martin deGREAT 4 months ago+260

    this channel needs a Q&A

  • EsotericOwl
    EsotericOwl 4 months ago+88

    termites be like : "move to the forest they said, its going to be fine they said..."

  • voteZDLR
    voteZDLR 4 months ago+151

    the winter house not even gonna lie that's the largest living area I have seen from any of the houses he's built so far. I guess though if you build lots of these things near each other before long you have what is basically a compound or something of awesome little places to chill ... and smoke apparently

  • Nite Knight
    Nite Knight 4 months ago+63

    Pffft! What eva. I just assembled an IKEA dresser in like 3 hours.

  • Jon S
    Jon S 4 months ago+60

    did anyone else notice all the clean cut wood he brought in?

  • roger white
    roger white 4 months ago+35

    Your ability to construct & fabricate from only localy sourced materials is amazing !

  • jack turner
    jack turner 4 months ago+93

    Someone needs to give this guy some real lumber and some power tools so we can see what kind of structure he can build🤯🤯

  • Thomas Die Lokomotive
    Thomas Die Lokomotive 4 months ago+45

    My favorite part is when he hit the stick with a ground

  • vXAcromatics YT
    vXAcromatics YT 4 months ago+53

    I'm here figuring out how will I build a house in Minecraft
    Edit:OMG thank you for 20 likes

  • Joao Vitor
    Joao Vitor 4 months ago+31

    Eis que vc joga minecraft por muito tempo.

  • Primitive Agriculture
    Primitive Agriculture 5 months ago+30

    A great man with real experience, I love the way he makes videos. I am passionate about this topic and need to work harder to be like him.

  • Limzo Man
    Limzo Man 7 days ago+3

    Wow.. he did all that in just 18 min!

  • Jeremy Horne
    Jeremy Horne 4 months ago+16

    Wow! And, really stylish - probably get half a million in Scottsdale, AZ. I wouldn't mind living in it. Thanks for uploading!

  • Zoldyack
    Zoldyack 1 months ago+6

    Look at this dude building better houses than mine, I can't even sharpen a pencil.

  • Stefan Octav
    Stefan Octav 4 months ago+14

    Can you make a video with the interior of this house ? By the way...great job for all of these videos !!!

  • Bobbie Fisher
    Bobbie Fisher 7 months ago+524

    To build a "house" all I need is a machete, a bowl and a stick. That's all it takes? Why the hell am I paying contractors?

  • burden on society
    burden on society 4 months ago+22

    No swimming pool on the roof like usual? This must be the working class version then