Marvel’s Spider-Man Velocity Suit | Marvel Becoming

  • Published on:  8/24/2018
  • Watch as cosplayer Aaron Rivin becomes the Velocity Suit from Marvel’s Spider-man in a new episode of Marvel Becoming, sponsored by Sony!

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  • He actually looks like Peter Parker

  • Clark Hanks Parker (Oct 20, 2018)

    I thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  • awesomeTV SHOW (Oct 19, 2018)

    Run up

  • Pokemon Hiro (Aug 24, 2018)

    Ironman + spiderman + Doctor Doom.Velocity.... Hum....... Sounds good.I want to see a kinetic suit like black panther one.

  • cristian plays (Sep 1, 2018)

    Pokemon Hiro a

  • Tagekumar Paul (Aug 25, 2018)

    Search up big tyme spiderman

  • Screen Crawler! (Aug 24, 2018)

    Some serious work went into making that suit! Looks awesome. Nice work guys!

  • General Kenobi (Aug 24, 2018)

    Sold my Xbox and bought a ps4 only for the spooderman game

  • AMV Channels (Sep 2, 2018)

    +mazen ayman nann xbox one x is the most powerfull console ever made and i know what am talking about i have a xbox one x and a ps4 pro and xbox one is better the only reason you said that its because all your friends are on ps4

  • snorkelops 44 (Sep 1, 2018)

    I was actually considering that

  • CJ Power lel (Aug 25, 2018)

    2:15 this guy sounds like Robert downey jr

  • awesomeTV SHOW  (Oct 19, 2018)


  • Miruto & knux (Oct 19, 2018)

    Yeah BOI

  • Gerardo Perez (Aug 25, 2018)

    *Joseph Gordon Levitt is that you?!*

  • Jack Jaws' random videos (Nov 25, 2018)

    Gerardo Perez if you mixed him with Tom Holland you’d get this guy

  • Clark Hanks Parker (Oct 20, 2018)

    Alex Young same

  • Webber 07 (Aug 24, 2018)

    That suit is amazing honestly, I can't wait to use it

  • Collin (Aug 27, 2018)

    Traveling Boi no not real life retard

  • Depressed Boi (Aug 25, 2018)

    So irl or..?

  • Jayden Marvel (Aug 24, 2018)

    I hope Peter gets that suit in Spider-Man: Far From Home

  • Kanha Gupta (Sep 21, 2018)

    But he won't. It's for the game only. And he is in the soul world with the iron spider suit.

  • Macser99luftballons (Sep 5, 2018)

    Jayden Marvel i promise you he Will not... its an original design by insomniac

  • John Ivan Oplimo (Aug 26, 2018)

    Reminds me of Tron.God, I miss that franchise. :(

  • Michael Myers (Aug 24, 2018)

    Awesome love u guys