SITH TROOPER REVEALED - The Rise of Skywalker New Stormtrooper Reaction

  • Published on:  7/10/2019
  • The Star Wars Show and have officially released a first look at the Sith Trooper from The Rise of Skywalker. Here are my thoughts on the new design and what it might mean for Episode IX.Read more: for more Star Wars videos every day!---Support the channel: SWMinuteGoogle+: Wars Tees: channel:


  • RedSunOgGamer
    RedSunOgGamer 1 months ago+666

    Impossible, The Sith have been Extinct for over a millennia

  • GAINAX01
    GAINAX01 1 months ago+225

    "Perhaps Leader Snoke should consider using a clone army." Hmmm...

  • General kenobi
    General kenobi 1 months ago+338

    The helmet looks like a mix of first order troopers and phase 2 clone

  • 20000 Subscriber Man with little videos

    I hope this Sith Trooper are more elite than Death Trooper.

  • PAXperMortem
    PAXperMortem 1 months ago+258

    We need this guy in Battlefront 2!

  • Zer0Jaque
    Zer0Jaque 1 months ago+165

    Makes me remember the leaked poster of the episode IX, it was legit!!

  • kabob 007
    kabob 007 1 months ago+141

    I prefer the real Sith trooper. Shows SWOTOR Imperial Trooper
    I said the REAL Sith trooper. Shows KOTOR Sith Trooper

  • Grant Rambo
    Grant Rambo 1 months ago+156

    Interesting armor. Hope they are seen a lot in episode 9.

  • Fran Belavić
    Fran Belavić 1 months ago+99

    I was pretty sure we weren't going to hear the world "sith" anymore, at least in this trilogy. This is surprising and I'm very excited.

  • Fat Thor
    Fat Thor 1 months ago+84

    I love you this look of this trooper , it looks like a magma trooper

  • Zevi
    Zevi 1 months ago+64

    Maybe they’re force sensitive soldiers pulled from the regular Storm Trooper Corps

  • Rocko Steel
    Rocko Steel 1 months ago+53

    Rumors on these guys are that they only listen to the Knights of ren and not the first order, now I dunno why their called Sith Troopers then but i guess we'll find out in December.

  • Jenna Rae Blakeslee
    Jenna Rae Blakeslee 1 months ago+36

    My theory is the name “Sith Trooper” is a nickname. They might be Kylo’s version of the pretorian guards and the other members of the first order nicknamed them Sith troopers and it just stuck.

  • Dale Erdmann
    Dale Erdmann 1 months ago+66

    LOVE it. I think they'll be clones...

  • The CYAN spartan
    The CYAN spartan 1 months ago+24

    Palpatine is performing a little hostile takeover methinks. Just outside of universe, it certainly differentiates one trooper from the other for a fight.

  • Isak Isak
    Isak Isak 1 months ago+36

    Oh god they look so badass! They better make them into skins for the first order in battlefront 2.

  • Reiner Most
    Reiner Most 1 months ago+7

    A SITH lor..., trooper?
    -Mace Windu

  • Vib3s
    Vib3s 1 months ago+20

    It kinda suggests an actual Sith Empire, looking back at EU/legends. Back in the old republic days when Sith lords actually had an proper army at their disposal.

  • Thrawns bricks
    Thrawns bricks 1 months ago+21

    Wasn't this guy on the leaked Rise of Skywalker poster?

  • Raz Taz
    Raz Taz 1 months ago+16

    The ridges are nice. Glad its not just red paint.