The friendship of Ariana Grande and Nicki MInaj (reaction)

  • Published on:  7/16/2019
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  • Devon Donn
    Devon Donn 1 months ago+104

    I don't know if y'all have but y'all should do a Pink Friday album reaction, y'all may have heard some hits but I think Jay would be impressed how good her debut was. I know y'all usually do her music videos but Pink Friday is Great.

  • Darion Domnìck
    Darion Domnìck 1 months ago+77

    Hands down cutest friendship❤

  • bm_w/h._. 2147
    bm_w/h._. 2147 1 months ago+66

    Thats the Best freindship I've ever seen

  • Carlos N
    Carlos N 1 months ago+66

    Nicki and ari

  • Alexandrea Bing
    Alexandrea Bing 1 months ago+41

    also, you might like the “ariana grande and nicki minaj moments” by bubble tae or grandesdeluxe

  • Miah Dolan
    Miah Dolan 1 months ago+44

    Finally some content with ari😍

  • indigenous gal
    indigenous gal 1 months ago+44

    Beyonce just released her spirit music video. Need I say more. Ya already know what's up

  • Fidelia Erugom Xo
    Fidelia Erugom Xo 1 months ago+30

    omggg please react to Nicki Minaj Rise to Fame series documentary made by Pingasm Visuals , it is basically a documentary that shows all of Nicki's hustle and accomplishments from day 1 please react to them I think they're are 4 parts

  • Raizah Onika
    Raizah Onika 1 months ago+21

    U forgot to include ari interview when she said nicki used to call her every day when mac dead she’s an actual sister to me in Aris voice

  • vander gizhii
    vander gizhii 1 months ago+15

    They also make good songs together.. good video! 👏👏

  • Ariana Grande's Kingdom
    Ariana Grande's Kingdom 1 months ago+6

    i adore them , the realest people in that wild industry

  • Crown Nas
    Crown Nas 1 months ago+15

    Sooo Rihanna switched up on her... that’s why they aren’t cool anymore

  • Alexandrea Bing
    Alexandrea Bing 1 months ago+5

    you should maybe react to: the full version of “ariana on queen radio 8/30/18 <3.”

  • This Is Glamboy
    This Is Glamboy 1 months ago+2

    I honestly can say you literally can react to anything and people will watch it

  • Quincy Embry
    Quincy Embry 1 months ago+4

    React to Nicki Minaj Rise To Fame Once Upon A Time episode 1

  • Keshon Sylvester
    Keshon Sylvester 1 months ago+5

    React to little mix new song -bounce back 😊!!!

  • Shawnn Grande
    Shawnn Grande 1 months ago+2

    I love Nicki & Ariana I went to the sweetener X Thank U Next concert ✨💛

  • Charles Williamson
    Charles Williamson 7 days ago

    Two iconic queens love them both Nickiana forever

  • Keshon Sylvester
    Keshon Sylvester 1 months ago+5

    Can y’all React to little mix - bounce back 😭😊

  • KungFuKennyTDE
    KungFuKennyTDE 1 months ago+5

    Nicki Minaj wakes up with petty (Reaction) next week 😂