Why Melania Trump Likely Won’t Be on Vogue's Cover Again

  • Published on:  4/11/2019
  • Anna Wintour has suggested that Melania Trump will likely never be on the cover of Vogue in the future. Wintour, the longtime editor-in-chief of the magazine, explained her reasoning in an interview with CNN. "You have to stand up for what you believe in, you have to take a point of view,” she told chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour. “I don't think you can try to please everyone all the time.” The interview is sparking outrage among conservatives.


  • Khelly 111 3 months ago

    I like her Minecraft themed clothing 0:32

  • Violoxo 3 months ago


  • Half moon Playz 3 months ago


  • Dr. Coco 3 months ago

    Her outfit looks like Minecraft poppy flowers

  • Dippidous Fippidous 3 months ago


  • kate harris 3 months ago

    Tbh I can’t see her caring, she has much more important things to think about.

  • Abraham Rivera 3 months ago

    Dominique Williams lmao going to jail for what ?

  • K41 3 months ago

    @Leon Scott Kennedy ah....no she can't. I watched her struggle through an interview trying to explain why she wore a jacket that said I don't care.

  • Serenity Renne 3 months ago

    *_my Christian Minecraft server_*

  • Anthony Freeman 3 months ago

    @Ella Du Bois GFYS

  • Ella Du Bois 3 months ago

    Hailey Gacha .....let's face it she should care.....Melania is a bad example of a woman supporting a man that is clearly a liar and a narcissist

  • Micah Alvarado 3 months ago

    It is rude to wear sun glasses while talking to someone in a room

  • Alex U 2 months ago

    it’s Anna Wintours signature style

  • Kid Psycho 3 months ago

    I think it's kinda like her Trade mark cause she's always seen wearing them...😂😁

  • Monique Aka MoMo 3 months ago

    The Hillary Clinton one looks so photoshopped 😂😂😂0:38

  • Her dress looks like it was made by my son on Minecraft.

  • Andrew Glinski 3 months ago

    The editors dress looks like an extremely pixilated picture of a pepperoni pizza at night.

  • Maria Eastham 3 months ago

    I stopped reading the trash years ago.

  • Little Monster 2 months ago

    Maria Eastham as if you were their target audience

  • Toad : 3 months ago

    You couldn’t afford anything in their anyways sweetie. They don’t need your subscription.

  • Inspector Steve 3 months ago

    That lady thinks stormy danials is a leader? Lol

  • G L 3 months ago

    Poor girl. Stormy is hero. She had sex with a ugly monster.

  • Maria Valore 3 months ago

    Exactly my sentiments