before and after you discover the subreddit for a hobby

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
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  • The 4th Solution
    The 4th Solution 4 months ago+13145

    r/waterniggas was predicted by this man

  • Fish For Thought
    Fish For Thought 11 months ago+7185

    Lmao just another fanboy. Anyone with basic critical thinking skills will know the versatility of the Dasani line. Don't let this guy's biased review sway you.

  • Icey4x
    Icey4x 11 months ago+4956

    "to make sure you get 𝐦𝐚𝐱𝐢𝐦𝐮𝐦 travel velocity down the throat"

  • EliteGaming 500
    EliteGaming 500 11 months ago+6077

    Sorry I only drink flex seal

  • Goatyye
    Goatyye 11 months ago+2557

    As a beginner drinker, this was very useful

  • Dashing Steel
    Dashing Steel 7 months ago+4213

    You Alkaline people are so condescending
    You always forget that there's a reason why Dasaani is in every vending machine in America-It's a nice casual gulping water for someone who doesn't have time or passion to go deep into the WaTeRlOrE And you just sit there acting like sipping is the only way to consume H20!
    Every time with those elitists man...
    Btw, a daily reminder not to drink sparkling water, no mater the Ph.lvl. The bubbles are there to make water seem CRISP but it ain't crisp at all, it's actually FLAT and FLABBY, and nothing wants to gulp or sip on something flabby

  • Adam Kampen
    Adam Kampen 10 months ago+2358

    Finally someone who shares my passion and enthusiasm for drinking water. I'm more of an alkaline person, I often like to drink from water bottles, Contigo brand specifically. I don't really like Reverse Osmosis, it kind of leaves a funny feeling in my mouth, but I'll drink it if needed. The only problem with Alkaline is that when you get a new filter the water is cloudy for a bit and the taste is off. My house has three taps at the sink, one for alkaline, one for reverse osmosis, and one for basic filtered tap water. When it comes to water bottles, I like to drink from plastic ones, as I'm prone to dropping things and the BPA free ones don't have an effect on the taste of the water. The glass ones from Life Factory are good too, but they are a little heavy for my liking, but they're durable. Metal is my least favourite, they make thing taste weird and are loud and annoying. If you actually bothered to read this entire things no I'm not just saying stuff my dad runs a water softener and purification business and I've learned a lot more than what I've stated here and have become a bit of a water snob.

  • Fmannen93
    Fmannen93 10 months ago+760

    0:39. Smoke on the Water. Well played.

  • Duckarooni
    Duckarooni 11 months ago+617

    buys Great Value brand milk
    Reddit Thread: "Great Value milk sucks massive nuts, I only buy Whole Foods Organic Nectar of the Gods , anything else is mediocre and too watery for me, it costs 2000 percent more but you can really taste the difference in quality and it's worth every penny."
    Me: "oh look it's a $1.30 that's cool"

  • ReaGame
    ReaGame 1 months ago+228

    This was r/swords for me, and this is 90% accurate. You forgot the part where they get mad and destroy your soul and dignity for every little mistake.

  • Felix Klein
    Felix Klein 4 months ago+398

    r/waterniggas got shut down today.

  • Fevir
    Fevir 11 months ago+291

    This is my favorite video on the internet.

  • Lodestar
    Lodestar 10 months ago+184

    Oh gawd, this water thing is too complicated. Back to the wine...

  • aaa
    aaa 11 months ago+15010

    this man has a drinking problem

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott 3 months ago+84

    1950's scientists developing prototype of the Internet: "This will be used to connect humans from all parts of the globe and they can all share to make the world a better place!"
    2019: Water review.

  • Cohen Drinks Water
    Cohen Drinks Water 11 months ago+101

    Anyone else water drinkers

  • maxithewoowoo
    maxithewoowoo 6 months ago+278

    Anyone else notice he starts singing the evangelion OP at 0:39

  • Its_Elkku
    Its_Elkku 5 months ago+30

    Every time I watch this video I go to the comments and end up reading water arguments for half an hour

  • Cognitive Dissonance
    Cognitive Dissonance 11 months ago+5919

    People who enjoy water at pH 8 and above are so basic.

  • Gamers In Hell
    Gamers In Hell 11 months ago+96

    A lot of you beginners out there are drinking water plain, what a bunch of uncultured swine!
    I always season my water before I taste it. Use a half cup of salt for every 4 oz and you can enjoy the refreshing taste of the beach at home.