before and after you discover the subreddit for a hobby

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
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  • Vicente Temes
    Vicente Temes 5 days ago

    Excuse you, but room temperature water is CLEARLY inferior to fridge-kept water, and vertis are the correct way to consume it since you can feel how cool and fresh the water is through your entire hand with comfort!

  • Jacob McNeer
    Jacob McNeer 6 days ago


  • danoli pizzaz
    danoli pizzaz 7 days ago

    i feel so attacked rn

  • Player 1
    Player 1 8 days ago

    So, when's the after part

  • NyaDesu
    NyaDesu 8 days ago

    Aye anime crimes division

  • the gaming pizaa
    the gaming pizaa 8 days ago+1

    What am I even watching?

    BUMBLEBEE 8 days ago


  • Daniel F
    Daniel F 8 days ago


  • Michael Haneline
    Michael Haneline 9 days ago

    Why the fuck did 1300 dislike this?

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly 9 days ago

    I feel attacked.

  • CausticPainkiller
    CausticPainkiller 9 days ago

    Not again

  • 1Coby
    1Coby 9 days ago

    drinking waters a hobby now?

  • appaloosa 4
    appaloosa 4 10 days ago

    I hate Aquafina

  • willow johnson
    willow johnson 10 days ago

    Obviously you’re a fake waterboy, true drinkers only drink reverse osmosis. Go back to Tumblr you normie!

  • Renaiya
    Renaiya 10 days ago

    My question is why you would sip water when you can S U C C

  • Wojciech Jankowski
    Wojciech Jankowski 10 days ago

    Sextina Aquafina?

  • cogtroper
    cogtroper 10 days ago

    I'm calling your sponsor.

  • Lamb
    Lamb 10 days ago

    ayyy i see that kobayashi's figurine in the background. naisu

  • Xion Memoria
    Xion Memoria 11 days ago

    Does everyone have that glass?

  • Tengku Aliff
    Tengku Aliff 11 days ago

    I wonder how he rates evian