• Published on:  9/13/2018
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  • Ringo Lingo
    Ringo Lingo 11 months ago+1156

    He will go down in history.

  • Sergio Espinoza
    Sergio Espinoza 9 months ago+564

    "A clear conscious is better than happiness"
    Pure gold.

  • Grim Shade
    Grim Shade 11 months ago+674

    I’ve watched and listened to so much of what he says it’s starting to sink in. Like his voice in my head guiding me through my problems.

  • MrSamthefan
    MrSamthefan 10 months ago+402

    "It's way better to do it badly than to not do it at all"
    Those words just really hit me. I'm a perfectionist, i'm starting to quit my dreams, i dropped out of college, all because of my depression which stems from my perfectionism. But he's kinda right, i mean, not doing it is making me feel worse than doing it badly. Maybe i should pick up my dreams again, huh.

  • Centauri Midnight
    Centauri Midnight 10 months ago+119

    Jordan Peterson, I'm currently 22 and by the age of 70, if God wills it, I expect your name on my grandchildren's textbooks. You better be.
    - Philippines

  • Rea Kelly
    Rea Kelly 10 months ago+298

    my 23 yr old son introduced me to Jordan Peterson's thinking and I am grateful.

  • Hesam Ameri
    Hesam Ameri 11 months ago+266

    this man destroys fallacies and builds up the mind to think clear

  • jjitomatito
    jjitomatito 11 months ago+353

    Jordan is a true gift to humanity ...dang this is GOLD!!

  • Devil Rebel Productions
    Devil Rebel Productions 9 months ago+102

    This dude is like the father figure I never had growing up. The knowledge, the brutally honest wisdom, and the passion of Jordan Peterson. It's something that has changed my life. I'm glad I found this page on deployment over a year ago. Thanks MBros.

  • Chelsea Dupras
    Chelsea Dupras 10 months ago+120

    He talks about what I have felt instinctually my whole life and he makes sense of it all. Thank God for JBP! No Joke!!

  • Lynx O
    Lynx O 9 months ago+49

    "Life is essentially suffering. For people to transcend that they must seek things of value" Amazing Dr Peterson. Thank you!

  • Hector Morales
    Hector Morales 10 months ago+96

    I went from cleaning room, to remodeling my whole house. Thank you Dr. Peterson for helping me see the chaos in my life and helping organize and set goals!

  • Mike
    Mike 11 months ago+278

    I really wish this was something I could have listened to 30 years ago. It could have been a huge help in my life at the time.

  • Yuri Ridley
    Yuri Ridley 7 months ago+58

    ”You don't wanna be secure: you wanna be strong.”
    Amen to that.

  • Joao Ferro
    Joao Ferro 11 months ago+104

    It took to me 4 years to be from a sad corporate rat to create the business of my dreams in the place of my dreams with complete independence and freedom. This Man resonates so much in my soul!

  • Cory Williams
    Cory Williams 11 months ago+206

    Hundreds of hours.....Ahhhh I'm so grateful to have found Jordan Peterson!

  • H Xen
    H Xen 10 months ago+67

    Jordon is a true man. A great male role model. Society needs strong men like him that speak truths that are hard to accept but must to live a purposeful and ethical life and not one built on a faux foundation of lies.

  • Chrispy Bacon
    Chrispy Bacon 10 months ago+93

    I don't understand how people exist without an unquenchable desire for learning. It's a perspective that escapes me.

  • Matt Bonneville
    Matt Bonneville 9 months ago+17

    Raise your hand if you have not crashed and burned at some point.
    I'd think that the majority of people watching JP videos have, or are on the verge of it.

  • Mirror Image
    Mirror Image 5 months ago+18

    "It's less risky to say something than to remain silent when you know that there is something to be said."