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  • Published on:  12/19/2017
  • Subscribe to SNARLED: tells three true scary stories in this Vol 7 compilation. The moral of these three true stories? Don't play with the supernatural unless you know what you're doing!↓↓↓↓ DEMAND YOUR CITY! For a Something Scary Live Show↓↓↓↓ A LIMITED EDITION PRINT SIGNED BY SAPPHIRE SOMETHING SCARY WALLPAPERS US AT FOR ALL THINGS SCARY!SUBSCRIBE TO OUR OTHER CHANNELS us EVERYWHERE out our other series!!! like Buzzfeed Unsolved, Let Me Explain Studios, storybooth, Jaiden Animations, brittyy44,Chaos55t,


  • mel vb 7 months ago

    Wanna hear something scary???Jojo siwas hairline.

  • Sky_plau z an hour ago


  • A Commenter 2 days ago


  • Savanah Nylaya 5 months ago

    Is Brooklyn still alive,One like = One prayer for BrooklynMay StarClan watch over herEdit:Omg thanks for all the likes

  • Sky_plau z an hour ago

    Ya pray for Brooklyn

  • Boogie Dinosaur 2 days ago


  • DC MD 6 months ago

    1like=1chicken nugget

  • Vinnie Cakes Cat 2 days ago

    DC MD xD

  • lunanyaka 15 days ago

    763 chicken nuggets I'll be waiting

  • Just A Potter 6 months ago

    Mr. Widemouth, the classic polite british haunted furby.

  • I’m a Commie 26 days ago

    Ezz Eldin Ezzat ... YUP

  • Kermit Just because 4 months ago

    Mr.Widemouth: If you imagine hard enough, you’ll jump back upMe: *_Grabs a match_*Mr.Widemouth: Erm, What are you doing?Me: If you imagine hard enough *_you won’t burn_*

  • Sky_plau z an hour ago


  • blink 5 days ago

    *oh frick*

  • safa . 10 months ago

    Mr. Widemouth: if u imagine hard enough you’ll bounce back up Me: *throws him* Mr. widemouth: *doesnt bounce back up* Me: imagine harder Hoe

  • HollowSpots 3 days ago


  • Neil Fox 4 days ago

    That is funny

  • Wanna hear something scary??This overused comment 😑

  • JokesGames YT 11 days ago


  • Maggie Kittenmountain 6 months ago

    **Casually hiding in the comments**

  • I_AM_BIRD_ GOD 2 months ago

    @Alejandra Andrade hell yeah man what kinda candy u got!?!

  • Alejandra Andrade 2 months ago

    *creepy old man voice* hey kid, you want some candy?

  • Magma YT 6 months ago

    Mr. Widemouth was always my favorite story, it’s so creepy but so interesting

  • yoonjin ship is REAL 6 months ago

    Mr widemouth: lets play with knives :DMe: Aw HELL NAW *Throws 9 big open holy waters* BE gOnE!WM: NoOoOOOOooMe: Victory screech! OLoLoLOlOLoLlooOLoOL!

  • XXxDemon-Chan xXX 14 days ago

    You copyed....

  • Mochi Tea 23 days ago

    Lmao 🤣 That would be so me!