iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?



  • Ghostie
    Ghostie 10 hours ago

    So like I’m getting it only do I can give my mom my old 7 coz I want an update and so does sheeee

  • ztev ifiorah
    ztev ifiorah 13 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Timmy McCain
    Timmy McCain yesterday

    actually Samsung has had IP68 since the s7, apple just got IP68, what you said was incorrect

  • Fery G
    Fery G yesterday

    Iphone Xpensive.

  • Tài Trần Đức

    I P H O N E X F R E E . PW

  • lim luong
    lim luong 2 days ago+3

    I P H O N E X F R E E . PW

    DELTA JOEL 2 days ago+5


  • trangnhasa danhnhunhu


  • Мирослав Доманский

    Should i update from nokia 3310?

  • Andres Santana
    Andres Santana 3 days ago

    I def just upgraded from the X to the max and I don’t regret it the max is beautiful asf

  • Medinas1831 X
    Medinas1831 X 4 days ago+1

    It’s worth it the battery last an hour and thirty minutes longer than the x

  • Luis Vasquez
    Luis Vasquez 4 days ago

    You talk about iPhone all the time ,but can even make your videos wide for us iPhone users??

  • Fabian Calzada
    Fabian Calzada 4 days ago

    I'm over here with a samsung s4

  • Makhari Lilly
    Makhari Lilly 4 days ago

    How can u get 30% faster than fast

  • Amalia Meidina
    Amalia Meidina 4 days ago

    umm why didnt u try it yourself instead of inserting another video?

  • Kyle Ryan
    Kyle Ryan 4 days ago

    I’m upgrading from my iPhone 6s.. I’m getting the Xs Max.. a massive upgrade.. and my pockets are getting hungry.

  • Kellyy Mariee
    Kellyy Mariee 4 days ago

    I upgraded from a 6s to iphone xs so whatever dont care lol

  • Dawid Duda
    Dawid Duda 5 days ago

    Why are the iPhones glued together ?

  • Alex Pal
    Alex Pal 5 days ago

    I'm upgrading from my iPhone SE to 8 plus.

  • Unyimeabasi Asuquo
    Unyimeabasi Asuquo 5 days ago

    The audio quality of the video is a bit off