125 Cupcake Challenge (12,083 Calories)

  • Published on:  4/30/2018
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  • ToonGame
    ToonGame a years ago+3808

    I haven’t even ate that many cupcakes individually in my whole life..

  • Lucy
    Lucy 2 months ago+864

    Matt: 5:50...."look at that belly"
    Me: looks at my belly without eating 125 cupcakes.... cries 😭


    bro how are you even alive

  • *Crazy Banana*
    *Crazy Banana* 7 months ago+395

    My preferred suicide is eating with Matt stonie

  • SerenityNina NinaSerenity
    SerenityNina NinaSerenity 5 months ago+545

    No one: ...
    Litterly no one: ....
    matt stonie: Im gonna eat 125 cupcakes today!

  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie  a years ago+7135

    My birthday is in less than a month.
    Don't get me a cupcake.

  • Kellie Herbst
    Kellie Herbst 2 months ago+188

    Me: eats 3 cupcakes gains 4 pounds
    Matt stonie: eats 125 cupcakes and does not change

  • oki oki
    oki oki 4 months ago+213

    Me:Doc how am i?
    Doc:You have 8:18 Mins to live...

  • TheColorBlack
    TheColorBlack 2 months ago+85

    I dont think I've ate 125 cupcakes in the last 5 years

  • nik shahirah
    nik shahirah 5 months ago+176

    when he asked “you know what else is super sweet?” i thought he was gonna say “you”😞😂

  • GuillermitoGP
    GuillermitoGP 8 months ago+1918

    When nobody goes to you r party and you won’t throw away the cake

  • Mikayla Pieper
    Mikayla Pieper 6 days ago+18

    Matt: eats 125 cupcakes weighs the same
    Me: Smells a cupcake gains 10 pounds

  • Jackson Quek
    Jackson Quek 5 months ago+89

    20 cupcakes in 36 seconds.
    Pfff I can eat 1 cupcake in 10 minutes.

    DASMARTGUY DASMARTGUY 14 days ago+30

    Everyone: doing normal stuff at a party
    That one dude:

  • Ian Erxleben
    Ian Erxleben 5 months ago+47

    Next day:hey guys I'm in the hospital!

  • Crispy Creator
    Crispy Creator 11 months ago+2196

    They looked so much bigger before he picked the first one up 😂

  • Owen Guillen
    Owen Guillen 21 days ago+18

    Matt: Eats 125 cupcakes gains 0 pounds
    Me: breathes air and gains 130 pounds

  • bella donna
    bella donna yesterday

    Not all Superman's need Yellow Sun Rays.
    Some just needs Glasses of water!!!

  • Kalidou Goloko
    Kalidou Goloko 21 days ago+11

    Doc:Matt stonier you have diabetes
    Matt:doc u know that’s normal I can switch bodies everyday

  • Avery Daniel
    Avery Daniel 2 months ago+25

    Doctor : You have one minute to live
    Matt : Eats 32 cupcakes