When Is the Right Time for Black People to Protest?: The Daily Show



  • Sandra Walusimbi Nanteza
    Sandra Walusimbi Nanteza a years ago+1579

    " Trevor is not even from USA so what is he so concerned about?" Aaaaah he is half black n half white n grew up in South Africa during apartheid.. he knows exactly what he is talking about

  • Lakshit Dagar
    Lakshit Dagar 11 months ago+442

    "When a white billionaire spends a year screaming that America is a disaster he's in touch with the country BUT when a black man kneels quitely he should be grateful for the successes America has allowed him to have."
    --Best thing I heard today!

  • Grace Ouabo
    Grace Ouabo a years ago+626

    That ending though🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👏

  • SWSimpson
    SWSimpson a years ago+612

    This infuriates me. Because no one is protesting the flag, nor the national anthem, nor are they protesting the police or our troops; and what they are doing is NOT disrespectful. I am from a Military Family-- but our family is intelligent and compassionate enough to know that we fight for the freedom of Americans (and others), and one of those freedoms is covered under the FIRST Amendment-- "protest" is as American as baseball. Kneeling is and always has been a sign of deep respect -- their "protest" is silent, peaceful, and shows reverence for the loss of unarmed [mostly] black young men. It is both moving and spiritual what they are doing, and if people can't see that, they are lost. To try and steer the conversation away from the senseless killing of young black men and make it about hate, is beyond disgusting. If I had a black son, and if I had adopted I would certainly have been open to having a black son, I would be worried sick every time they left the house. No one, especially parents, should have to worry about their children like that. And, instead of working toward better policy and better training, the orange asshole in chief encouraged excessive force by police. To see one player on his knees was one thing- I looked up to find out what it was about and it made beautiful sense to me; but to see several players and team managers and coaches also kneel.... that is amazing, it is beautiful, and don't think for a second that God does not see this all and weep.

  • Dionna Carter
    Dionna Carter a years ago+131

    I love how calmly pissed he gets.

  • maame serwaa Awuah
    maame serwaa Awuah a years ago+1541

    That rhyme at the end left me shook....

  • Jc JA
    Jc JA a years ago+186

    Killed it 😂👌
    That poem was tight. Lol Those Republicans can't hide there own racism.

  • Me Miss Marie
    Me Miss Marie a years ago+127

    I stop pledging to the flag when I understood the words.. Soooo like really early on. My teacher tried to call me out. She lost that battle.

  • Smooth Criminal
    Smooth Criminal a years ago+108

    This dude is fucking amazing
    I mean the ending was
    THANK YOU John Stewart.

  • Terrence Lockett
    Terrence Lockett a years ago+108

    And these people actually act like they pay attention sports personalities outside of sports. First they say "he's disrespecting the country" before understanding anything (while assuming). Then they say "it's not the right time to protest". Then they say "you have no reason to protest". Then they say "we don't have to listen to this person because of what they do for a living". They constantly create a new reason to ignore the problem because it doesn't effect them (they think).

  • Adrian Duran
    Adrian Duran a years ago+3790

    the perfect time to protest is the time people say you shouldn't be protesting

  • Cheyenne Stevenson
    Cheyenne Stevenson a years ago+148

    This is so rights, the Civil Rights movement was seen as the wrong way to protest, Rosa Parks was arrested, MLK. Jr. was spat on, beaten, and shot, the March on Ferguson was ridiculed, people nit pick the black lives matter movement and try to negate it with "all lives matter" and "cop lives matter", and after all this peaceful protesting, there was violence against white supremacists, already using violence against them, and even the president said they were wrong to do that, and now people are saying this kneeling is the wrong way. What is the right way then?


    Am re -watching this for the third time !!!

  • Bronx Poetry
    Bronx Poetry a years ago+35

    Brother!!!! keep your focus strong. You are a gift!!!!

  • CCJJ160Channels
    CCJJ160Channels a years ago+37

    Referees in a high school game refused to ref a game in (a counter) protest of the high football players taking a knee. Maybe the refs should have reffed the game and protested on their own time.

  • Sumeya E. Alington
    Sumeya E. Alington a years ago+161

    Protesting has always made people mad. That’s the point of protesting. Making people wake up. Make them listen. If we’re always supposed to tip-toe around everyone’s feels, then the civil rights movement wouldn’t have ever happened. They were mad at them, too. MLK Jr. was seen as a criminal and not the peaceful protestor you hear about today. They hated him. They killed him. Even if you’re peaceful like MLK Jr. or as brash as Malcolm X, you’ll still meet the same fate: death. They tell us to be like MLK Jr. but skip out the part where he was killed...just for having a dream.

  • Gabri'el Alexander
    Gabri'el Alexander 11 months ago+22

    I loved John Steward but GOD we needed Trevor in today's America

  • Melanin Kisses
    Melanin Kisses a years ago+23

    You can have respect for something without standing with it and that's why Colin decided to stop sitting and kneel because he wanted to show that he still respects this country but because people of color, US CITIZENS, are still targeted and being oppressed by the system because of the color of their skin he can't stand up and agree that things are good in this country because guess what they not.. Dump only gave racism a platform shit been like this FOREVER.. Instead of getting angry at people KNEELING, which is a honorable gesture, look at the reason they kneeling.. I am a smart, hard working, tax paying citizen and just because I'm black I'm treated differently and I'm not going to stand up and act like that's okay

    DIY/LETS CREATE 2 days ago

    That’s the point. They’re kneeling for blk men not to be shot while unarmed in U.S never mind North Korea!

  • Joanne Sincere
    Joanne Sincere 8 months ago+13

    Damn Trevor...Thank-you and thank your momma. She should be proud. I know I am!💪
    Encourage Enlighten Empower✌