What's inside COOL TECH of CES 2019?



  • Looks like I’m flying to Dubai to become a police man

  • pro alpha 26 days ago

    what if it stuck on traffic and its blade hit other vehicles

  • pro alpha 26 days ago

    @Navjot_23 it is true

  • Double Dare Fan 5 months ago

    Alexa, flush the toilet.

  • tommy cooper 1 months ago

    @Yeet... Steamy Nicks.

  • Scott Flo 2 months ago


  • William Wesemann 5 months ago

    what if you really had to use the bathroom but the power went out and it didn't open

  • 124friendme 13 days ago

    Well that would be “crappy” if you know what I mean

  • oscar salguero 28 days ago

    Just start unplugging stuff and force to open it.

  • ONLY in JAPAN 5 months ago

    Looks like Japanese toilet makers have been called out at CES 2019. GAME ON America!

  • Dark of the knight 3 months ago

    Lol is that consider new tech? Those toilet have been like for decades XD

  • RORY 100000 5 months ago

    I know who you are

  • Matt Sanchez 5 months ago

    Some awesome stuff! Wonder if I’ll ever have a smart toilet. Poor toilet...

  • Team SG Forever 5 months ago

    When somebody are still wondering about toilets...-_-

  • Just go to japan

  • Sameer Nazir 5 months ago

    9:33 Zach* hits his head :D Aw I feel bad for him...

  • LazYGameR 3 months ago

    Me too

  • Pew Pew 5 months ago

    He also spits on the cameraman at 9:10 :(

  • Faze Oinky 5 months ago

    Lincoln heart this

  • Team SG Forever 5 months ago

    @some one what do you think...

  • some one 5 months ago

    @Team SG Forever Robloxian from Singapore?

  • dotphilia 5 months ago

    8:18 Alexa already listens to all my conversations. Now it will listen to your farts

  • XDaRkModzX 5 months ago

    *toilet, flush yourself*

  • Aniket Jain 2 months ago

    Flush yo' self

  • Infinity Boy 3 months ago

    XDaRkModzX um.... no you flush your poo

  • littlemittenz ! 5 months ago

    "its so weird how it just grabs your arm and squeezes it" ~best quote from Whats Inside