Cardi B & Bruno Mars - Please Me (Official Video)



  • Posie Ray (2 days ago)

    Bruno: Let’s get together and make Offset jealous!Cardi: Okkkkkkkuuuuuurrrrrr!

  • Savannah Lewis (13 minutes ago)


  • Wilna Dugé (25 minutes ago)

    0:29 So true

  • zereik molx (1 day ago)

    who ever like this comment will rich one day

  • Gothic queen (37 minutes ago)

    new music vide oon my hcnanenl

  • houdjati ABDOU SOILIHI (3 hours ago)


  • Newsy Hood (1 day ago)

    LIKE : cardi b and bruno mars😄COMMENT : cardi b and offsetDont take it seriously 😄😄

  • Gothic queen (37 minutes ago)

    lyrics video my hxnaenl

  • Tykia Cropper (1 hour ago)

    Cardi B and Bruno Mars

  • VANSH PUBG -MOBILE (20 hours ago)

    BREAKING NEWS(offset officially changed his name to upset)

  • Family TP (34 minutes ago)

    +VANSH PUBG -MOBILE you didn't change it at all. You copied it word to word

  • Family TP (35 minutes ago)

    +VANSH PUBG -MOBILE so you do know about it. So thanks for giving me proof. Do everyone a favor. Dont copy again. The og one is 2 weeks old, so don't bother defending you're

  • Hyundai Vroom (17 hours ago)

    DoesAnyone else remember when Bruno was just so young and singing ‘ today I don’t feel like doing anything’

  • KIMEYA Duo (3 hours ago)

    I actually miss the younger him

  • Christian has lemons (Mar 13, 2019)

    Bruno be like: Break up with your Husband, cause i'm bored

  • Riska Kristina (1 hour ago)


  • Monica Hussein (1 day ago)


  • It’s unhealthy how many times I’ve come back to watch this 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  • ez- snipez_ (1 hour ago)


  • dalilah holland (1 hour ago)

    Don’t Touch My Chipotle It always comes on front page of my YouTube cause I’ve watched this so many times

  • Hajisty Omareon (1 day ago)

    why do i keep on watching this video over and over again

  • Gothic queen (36 minutes ago)

    I gree

  • bongmininyourarea ‘ (3 hours ago)

    lmao can’t even remember how many times i’ve watched this without even skipping through

  • Park Jimin (1 day ago)

    I think they did something after this. Kulture gon' be a sister

  • anjell canne (4 hours ago)

    Ugghhhh! Bruno Mars can do a lot better than Cardi B!

  • Sugaryspiceypot_2 Otaku (15 hours ago)

    Park Jimin she already is a sister of 3 lmao and also ARMYYYYY💜

  • Offset : am i joke to you ?

  • queen JoJo (4 hours ago)


  • koba mon (12 hours ago)

    Cardi b: do something about it