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  • Published on:  3/21/2017
  • In this Screen Tests interview, Greta Gerwig talks about her first kiss (in a hot tub) to her on-screen crush (Melanie Griffith in 'Working Girl') to the scene in 'Moonlight' that always makes her cry.

    Greta Gerwig has been on quite a run since starring in Greenberg, her major breakthrough as an actress, in 2010. Since then, she's worked with a who's who of independent filmmakers: in addition to Noah Baumbach, there is Woody Allen, Whit Stillman, Rebecca Miller, and Todd Solondz. She starred in Pablo Larraín's Jackie and Mike Mills's 20th Century Women, both in the recent Oscars running. She also just directed her own film, Lady Bird, which will likely be coming to a festival near you shortly. Here, Gerwig recalls making 20th Century Women, and the indispensable advice that Rebecca Miller gave her about directing her first film—which Miller got from the late, great Mike Nichols.

    On her first kiss:
    "It was in a hot tub. And then we rode our bikes home. [Laughs.] Yeah, we had been building to it for a solid six months. I was 16, and just so in love with him. We were in my friend's hot tub in his backyard. I think we were quoting The Little Prince to each other and then we started making out. It was a great first kiss."

    On her cinematic crush:
    "Right now I have to say Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. I mean, the first time she meets Harrison Ford at the bar when she's all done up... And she's got a head for business and a bod for sin. But there's a moment when she cuts her hair off and she says, "I want to be a serious businesswoman. You need to have serious hair." She's so great and so sexy without being plastic, which I think a lot of people miss now. She seems like a real sexy person."

    On the great love scene with Harrison Ford:
    "Oh my god, I know. Young Harrison Ford, what a dreamboat. But it's her. She's so compelling and funny in it."

    On her irrational fear:
    "I'm scared of the internet. That's not real, but it is. I'm worried about what it's doing to us. I sound like an old man when I talk about the internet, but I am actually worried about what it's doing to our brains and our sense of connection. You know, yawn, but... I mean, I'm always looking for ways to cut it out of my life. But it's amazing, too. It also brings people together and creates all these good things, so I don't know. I'm probably not seeing it for all its good things. I just worry that it's actually making people more lonely than it is bringing them joy."

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    Greta Gerwig on Her First Kiss, Her Crush, and Crying During Moonlight | Screen Tests | W Magazine