I'm Sorry PewDiePie (YouTube Sub Glitch)

  • Published on:  2/8/2017
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  • h3h3Productions
    h3h3Productions  2 years ago+20042

    Apparently its just the sub display numbers and people aren't actually losing subs, according to YouTube ¯\(ツ)/¯
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  • Mike C
    Mike C 9 months ago+5969

    Imagine this happened during this T-series drama

  • Hey Sisters
    Hey Sisters 3 months ago+396

    2017: Pewdiepie sub glitch
    2019: James Charles with no glitch

  • Emily Cunningham (STUDENT)
    Emily Cunningham (STUDENT) 5 months ago+708

    Here in 2019 we got a bigger problem..........

  • pro Noob
    pro Noob 4 months ago+1093

    Now he has 93m+
    And first one to 100m

  • The Regret Man
    The Regret Man 6 months ago+437

    Now he is at 85 million. I am so proud of this society.

  • Whang!
    Whang! 2 years ago+7230

    How much did PewDiePie pay you to say you didn't pay him?

  • James The Red Engine
    James The Red Engine 4 months ago+38

    2019-yes, lets recommend this.

  • Vsauce69
    Vsauce69 4 months ago+61

    Could you do that like, right now but with T-series?

  • Cnnr Frmn
    Cnnr Frmn 4 months ago+185

    I see this video without checking date or finishing video
    WTH Pewds lost 40 000 000!

  • Subscribe To PewDiePie
    Subscribe To PewDiePie 6 months ago+172

    0:01 LWIAP - Last week I asked PewDiePie

  • SYT94828 Gaming
    SYT94828 Gaming 9 months ago+1419

    Watching this after Pew reached 70M.

  • zippidyzap
    zippidyzap 4 months ago+74

    the reason t gay almost beat him

    ATHARV REGE 4 months ago+47

    We basically just watched Pewdiepie lose 24 thousand subs in almost 5 minutes. Imagine if this happened during the T- Series drama!

  • CarrotSide
    CarrotSide 3 days ago+2

    who believes this video is rewind
    ok only me lol

  • Candy
    Candy 4 months ago+30

    wtf why did anyone do that glitch to T-Series!

  • Oz Shamir
    Oz Shamir 2 days ago

    Nobody :
    Not a single soul :
    h3h3 : Salt is the secret for good oatmeal

  • A AB
    A AB 4 months ago+10

    He is now at 93 million ...👊

  • Randy Lent
    Randy Lent 4 months ago+29

    2017 - BlackscreenTV
    2018/19 - FlareTV

  • DatMemeGuy
    DatMemeGuy 5 months ago+7

    [ T-Series liked that ]