News!!! Amazing grace, water bottle instruments.

  • Published on:  2/6/2018
  • Amazing Grace 🙏🏾 interpreted with a peculiar instrument, nothing more and nothing less than water bottle. Enjoy it. God bless you. OU Sublime gracias 🙏🏾 interpretada con un peculiar instrumento, nada más y nada menos que pomos de agua. Que la disfruten. DIOS LES BENDIGA. 🇨🇺 en el invento siempre. ( it’s a little bit out of tune lol)


  • STZ Fortnite
    STZ Fortnite a years ago+4

    That’s Cool And Weird Lol, I Came From NiTringoat!!!

  • Matthew Grant
    Matthew Grant a years ago+3

    Not bad young man. That was very creative. Thank you.

  • Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown a years ago+2

    Bravo mi santo,un poco más y llegas,Dios te siga bendiciendo, maranatha

  • _ Saucychicken66
    _ Saucychicken66 a years ago+2

    This is the dude from tap sports baseball nice job

  • Qué Bolá Cuba TV
    Qué Bolá Cuba TV a years ago+2

    like friend

  • Yaimara Lozano
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  • Rock g
    Rock g a years ago+2

    That is very amazing. You are very gifted.

  • Champions Prod.
    Champions Prod. a years ago+3

    Hi u watching nitringo video

  • Felix and MLG Films
    Felix and MLG Films a years ago+3

    Who else came from NiTringo
    But this is cool

  • AA12
    AA12 a years ago+2

    Lol nice
    Hey I just started a channel cause my old one was taken down
    I miss all of my subs

  • Elyaume 1004
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  • Redbones Honeypot
    Redbones Honeypot 8 months ago+2

    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 👍🏽that was awesome.

  • Jáck
    Jáck a years ago+3

    Cool I came from NiTringo

  • Augusto Arias
    Augusto Arias 9 months ago+2

    Impresev... 😎👍

  • Javier Pizarro
    Javier Pizarro 9 months ago+1

    You’re the man 👊🏾good stuff

  • I Love Lolis
    I Love Lolis 8 months ago+1

    Lol noice

  • Anna Tolles
    Anna Tolles a years ago+2

    That’s cool

  • talhah jawad
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    FMTYFILMS 7 months ago

    haha veryh cool