Do Spiders Actually Get Dizzy? Spinning a Hobo Spider on a Turntable Then Letting It Try To Walk

  • Published on:  8/29/2018
  • Follow me on:Twitter: your subscription box here: https://www.theactionlab.comIn this video I check if a spider can actually get dizzy by putting it on a turntable and spinning it to see if it can walk straight afterwords. Then I talk about what makes us dizzy and how a spider could maybe get dizzy. WARNING:If you use the information from this video for your own projects then you assume complete responsibility for the results.My Other Channel: more awesome videos checkout:How I Made an Ant Think It Was Dead—The Zombie Ant Experiment Happens if You Open a Vacuum Chamber Under Water? And Do Vacuums Float? Light be Black? Mind-Blowing Dark Light Experiments! Mirror-Polished Japanese Foil Ball Challenge in a Vacuum Chamber! Japanese Foil Ball Challenge Crushed in a Hydraulic Press-What's Inside? the World's Blackest Paint With the World's Brightest Paint (Black 2.0 vs LIT) it Possible to Unboil an Egg? The Amazing Uncooking Experiment! if You Try To Lift a Negative Mass? Mind-Blowing Physical Impossibility! Does a Giant Monster Neodymium Magnet do to a Mouse? Worlds Blackest Black vs The Worlds Brightest Flashlight (32,000 lumen)—Which Will Win? Much Weight Can a Fly Actually Lift? Experiment—I Lassoed a Fly! You Fly a Drone in a Car, Does it Move With It? (Dangerous In-Car Flight Challenge) Flies Actually Fly in a Vacuum Chamber? Let a Venus Flytrap Digest My Finger For a Day–Little Shop of Horrors Challenge! On Water-It is So Surreal!


  • XiiiDolor 9 months ago

    Am I the only person who gets this guy’s videos in my recommendation for no reason??

  • Kreidy Bechara 7 hours ago

    Are you bother

  • Tudor gamer 9000 14 days ago

    No way bro

  • ńúğš 7 months ago

    "so today I'm gonna be letting it bite me and see if my arm falls off"**bravewilderness enters chat**"just kidding..thats another channel"**bravewilderness leaves chat**

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  • G Bak 8 months ago

    that would be funny if it puked

  • Wolfie_Gacha but it’s funny :p

  • Moon Girl 10 days ago

    Unfortunately, the spider only crawled in the spinning thing.

  • AccordionBoi 7 months ago

    Can a fly be scared of heights ?

  • Sandesh Ghimire 12 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with you guys 🤣🤣🤣

  • asian dingdong 7 months ago

    Dude u talkin about brave wilderness?😂

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  • Ha

  • emily grace 9 months ago

    1950: *we’re going to have flying cars in the future*2018: *i wonder if spiders get dizzy*

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  • Lirei Taichen 7 months ago

    I have arachnophobia, yet i watched this video like it wasnt even about spiders.Like, seriously, am i really the only person in this world who doesnt get scared of shit in his PC even though if he sees a medium-big spider in real life he panics immediately? ._.

  • Aditya Mukherjee yesterday

    Me 2

  • Aditya Mukherjee yesterday


  • Zander Burt 5 months ago

    I feel sick just thinking about spinning

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  • Animals: *are we a fidget spinner to you* ?

  • Brittany Ramone 4 months ago

    On a side note, to be fair, he did crouch down to the floor really far once you started spinning the thing. And he walked sideways for the first time in the video after the spinning was over. He recovered almost immediately but I’d say he at least was thoroughly shook