Dig a mountain to build the most beautiful natural waterfall swimming pool

  • Published on:  1/14/2019
  • Dig a mountain to build the most beautiful natural waterfall swimming pool Thank you for watching our video, this channel is creative video to share to everyone about ancient skill, Please help me to like share comment and subscribe our channel.


  • HUNTER 19 FJ
    HUNTER 19 FJ 6 months ago+6313

    When u take minecraft too seriously 😂😂😂

  • alan b
    alan b 2 months ago+368

    Should start renting these places out make a fortune

  • Marcell Vass
    Marcell Vass 2 months ago+301

    Do you guys realise that these kind of youtube channels just keep appearing like pan flute bands in southpark?

  • 1000pets
    1000pets 2 months ago+214

    In the future people will be so confused by these builds

  • offline
    offline 4 months ago+247

    when you have 1080p camera, but forgot buy shovel

  • Deformeds
    Deformeds 4 months ago+1933

    This guy can walk on Legos and he wouldn't even realize

  • Rk
    Rk 4 months ago+325

    Planner,designer,architect, mason, digger, plumber,builder,all in one I think he will never need a gym.

  • Charles
    Charles 2 months ago+97

    It’s all fun and games until the water compromises that overhang and it collapses while you’re swimming

  • An Uncalculated Risk
    An Uncalculated Risk 2 months ago+119

    Have you ever thought that they can’t read what the comments say and just like all of them?

  • Dallaslucci 18
    Dallaslucci 18 2 months ago+61

    For some reason these videos are satisfying to me

  • Scratchster
    Scratchster 4 months ago+885

    i can’t even make a sandcastle correctly.

  • Alex Redd
    Alex Redd 2 months ago+112

    Brave wilderness video titles: build the most amazing most beautiful most ancient most incredible most big bamboo house

    ASHLEY D 2 months ago+99

    Yo imagine the fbi saying like watch this guy and they go here and they see a recording saying*i have 153 houses witch one am I in?

  • conseQnz
    conseQnz 2 months ago+252

    where can i get this minecraft mod? this looks super realistic

  • Luveny S
    Luveny S 4 months ago+101

    And we spent four/five years of our lives just studying Mathematical and Designing! Kkkk

  • Thomas Kogel
    Thomas Kogel 4 months ago+1574

    Guy gets asked by future girlfriend... "So, what are you bringing to the table?" Buddy's like... "I have 137 properties with a house and pool on every single one."

  • Amandarth
    Amandarth 4 months ago+10

    Solo bem instável, não me parece uma boa tirar uma soneca embaixo, ficou belíssimo, mas nada seguro.

  • JohnyMST
    JohnyMST 2 months ago+58

    what kind of soil is that? Good luck trying this in Australia lol

  • Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

    i do wonder if the water is gonna keep flowing, where will the river form and go too

  • Chimeccio
    Chimeccio 2 months ago+29

    The sound effect of the water is SO blatantly fake it's hilarious