First Look: Marvel Rising’s Ghost-Spider | Earth's Mightiest Show Bonus

  • Published on:  8/24/2018
  • Get the lowdown on the mysterious, powerful and hard-rocking Ghost-Spider from the new animated shorts and forthcoming feature film, "Marvel Rising"! ► Subscribe to Marvel: Marvel on Twitter: Marvel on FaceBook: even more news, stay tuned to:Tumblr:


  • Render 42 11 months ago

    Ghost Spider, I think I saw one in InfinityWar

  • Carwooloo CC 11 months ago


  • Cameron McEwen 11 months ago

    No you didn’t.

  • Spider Gwen is beautiful Dove Cameron would be a beautiful Gwen Stacy in MCU

  • Beebe King Critic 11 months ago

    Cameron McEwen Benedict Cumberbatch played both Dr.Strange and Dormammu so I believe Dove Cameron could play MCU Spider Gwen Or plus since it's marvel all they have to do is just make a you look like Ruby joke

  • James Callanan 11 months ago

    @Cameron McEwen I thought Ruby was fine

  • renaldo forde 11 months ago

    Ghost SpiderShe died from bug spray

  • Knowledge 11 months ago

    Lmao that's a good one that made my day

  • Brent Dreher 11 months ago

    Cameron McEwen they still need to breathe regular oxygen like the rest of us (in most cases), so I think theoretically spraying a shitload of Raid into their mouth would kill them as well as it would you

  • Luna Lovegood 11 months ago

    Wait... SO GWEN DOES LOVE MY HAIRSTYLE! :DLOOKING FORWARD TO MY OWN TV SHOW/MOVIE!!! (That sadly never will happen... ;-; But at least my blond/pink hair made it to the screen! ^^)

  • Render 42 10 months ago

    When you got one break the 4th wall like there's no tomorrow

  • Mr Critical 11 months ago

    You’ll be back Marvel got a lot of backlash from the fans after you were cancelled

  • :O 11 months ago

    I'll sell my Spider serum so that everyone can be superheroes. *Everyone* can be super! And when everyone's super...*no one* will be

  • Nytro Dralyg 11 months ago

    At least she's not called Spy-D lol

  • ziljin 11 months ago

    This is amazing! Spider Gwen is so cool!

  • James Gallagher 11 months ago

    ziljin yeah she’s my favorite

  • Fűturè 11 months ago

    Feel like banging her

  • same bruh

  • Cameron McEwen 11 months ago

    I like that, in her civilian identity, she bares her midsection.

  • Cameron McEwen 11 months ago

    Dove Cameron should’ve been Gwen Stacy in the MCU, NOT that unwanted villainess we saw in _Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D._

  • No.1 Spidey-Fan 11 months ago

    How does she fit ALL THAT HAIR UNDER THAT MASK. There is a reason the 9ther spiderman women and girls never wore full masks and even if they did their hair was short.IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ALL THAT HAIR TO FIT IN HER MASK😐😂

  • Hyun Dong Lee 11 months ago

    Audrey Broderick Still, in the comics, she has short hair

  • Anonymous Because 11 months ago

    I think she hides it in her hood.