10 ways Android is just better

  • Published on:  2/9/2019
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  • Aalavi 5 months ago

    Imagine forgetting the password to LastPass

  • Quin Ravenclaw boi 2 hours ago


  • mincraft0990 an hour ago

    It happened to me😂

  • M Isa 4 months ago

    "A portion of this video is sponsored by LastPass"Wait... They couldn't afford to sponsor the whole video?

  • FireMonkey 1 months ago

    By portion he just means the part where he talks about lastpass

  • Shadoufang 1 months ago

    Hey! Figured it out! The subtitle portion must be sponsored by Bollywood :o He only has Hindi subtitles.

  • Mr Nuts LOL 4 months ago

    Thanks, but I prefer my Gucci Smart Toilet™ for all my texting and calling needs.

  • the groveinator a months ago

    Nah my Gucci smart carpets better

  • Yeet Yeet 1 months ago

    Mr Nuts LOL same bruh

  • Sergej Nadaždin 2 months ago

    iOs treats you like a user. Android treats you like -an admin- whatever you choose.Customisability!

  • PaLaS0 see? That’s your fucking opinion and just don’t call people isheep because they use Apple devices dumbass

  • Nicolas Kumhofer an hour ago

    @PaLaS0 Dude are u mentally ill? Everyone with experience uses ishit. For sure dude. Every programmer or in generall designer love using macs, and btw, windows 7 was the last good shit, the rest is trash. u can ask every man in the universe that actually has to work with active directories or maintain a win10 system, that shit is garbage. but u cant fucking say, that experience is the key, cause u have on IOS also a terminal which is more shell relatet than a windows command line will ever b. Fuck out...

  • EXPLOIT DESIGNER 3 months ago

    I have friends that say Apple is better than android.. BUT ANDROID IS AN OS AND APPLE IS A COMPANY. Cmon u know that

  • Nicolas Kumhofer an hour ago

    @TheNickle Dude pls do your research, noone owns android. Google just is sort of their author, their is a OHA open handset alliance, those companys are allowed to use android. Sony, Samsung, Lenovo etc. Its owned by all of em, not just google

  • M G 5 months ago

    Can you use Lastpass to log into Lastpass

  • 1misanthropist 21 days ago

    Yo dawg, we made you a Lastpass account inside your Lastpass account so that you can Lastpass while you Lastpass.

  • rgtrooper13 28 days ago

    @Steve Thea hey look the idiot showed up

  • vlad1 3 months ago

    We make simple things... Harder...- Apple

  • Uncle Jake no do your fucking research look at the fuckin budget iPad it has a a10 fusion cpu and look at the iPad mini 5 which is at 399$ and has a A12 cpu (which is as the iPhone XS Max cpu) and it has a p3 color gamut display and 3gb ram and it has a headphone jack

  • Artzie Music 3 months ago

    freedom on how you use your device is everything

  • Jordan Jackson 1 months ago

    @Sarthak Mohanty yeah and Iphone still doesnt have half the shit I said and is just now getting dark mode 🥶🥶😭😭😂😂

  • Sarthak Mohanty 1 months ago

    @Jordan Jackson Wow, you can change your BRIGHTNESS!!!! Damn, iPhone must be better

  • kayala s 1 months ago

    Real apple fans will remember “APP OF THE DAY” where you can get one paid app for free everyday.

  • David Del Rosario 7 hours ago

    Where’s My Mickey XL, anyone?

  • Jack Adam 27 days ago

    kayala s I miss those days

  • In conclusion, they both suck and are great. Just like everything in life.

  • Random Dude 3 days ago

    Perfectly in balance, as all things should be.

  • Hari Sankar 27 days ago

    That is a cop out.