iOS 12 vs 11.4.1 FINAL Speed Test! Actually 2x Faster??



  • Chief Yoshi
    Chief Yoshi 11 months ago+1084

    For once, the new update doesn’t slow down your phone like it used to.
    Edit: I use an iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2, and Beats Solo 3

  • William Foli
    William Foli 11 months ago+584

    Lool, for the 1st time....nobody is complaining about the new update or scared to update. They did a great job on this.

  • oB Timothy On insta
    oB Timothy On insta 11 months ago+172

    Guys just saying u don’t need to get a iPhone X when the 6s is still very powerful

  • Glayster Rodriguez
    Glayster Rodriguez 11 months ago+93

    What did I learned in this video?

  • Abdul Basit Shaikh
    Abdul Basit Shaikh 11 months ago+329

    My iPad 2017 is flyin on iOS 12! One of the best updates ever. And 'Measure' is amazingly precise and almost magical to use.

  • Ranso
    Ranso 11 months ago+1198

    1, 2.. Yaaa much faster.
    1,2.. YAAAAAA much faster!
    1, 2.... YAAAAAAA MUCH FASTER!!!!!

  • Faique
    Faique 11 months ago +114

    I Updated To The Latest IOS 12 ... Mannn Thats Fast Compared to IOS 11 ... Thats One True speed Test Brother 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • FrenchFriMashups
    FrenchFriMashups 11 months ago+118

    the way he says "1, 2" all the time kinda comforts me for some reason

    SAGAR EMMANUEL JOBY 11 months ago+21

    iOS 12 great....
    But we need dark mode....

  • Angel Romero
    Angel Romero 11 months ago+77

    within couple of weeks iOS 12 will get better as Apple releases updates.

  • Luke Chan
    Luke Chan 11 months ago+310

    Short answer: ya.
    Long answer: yeah.

    RAJVIR MAHARAUL 11 months ago+3

    This is the best video bcz I love this kind of experiments.... Doing pretty well...

  • The Hypertrophy Scientist
    The Hypertrophy Scientist 11 months ago+12

    Ios 12 is the best,, apps stay open in the background in my ipad for once lol

  • Taylor Petrillo
    Taylor Petrillo 11 months ago+55

    I have an iPhone 8 and it made my phone way faster and I love that the folders are darker

  • LukeMillerFilms
    LukeMillerFilms 11 months ago+1

    I don’t know about anyone else, but my 7 is way quicker.

  • Jaylen Smith
    Jaylen Smith 11 months ago+288

    I tried something new with the measuring app 😏🥕

  • Futuristic Bot
    Futuristic Bot 11 months ago+7

    At 3:29 he did not cheat, in case you didn’t see the other video he swap the case of the 6 with a Chinese iPhone 7 like case

  • VisionWasTaken. :
    VisionWasTaken. : 11 months ago+1

    May I get the wallpaper on ios 11.4.1 that was at the beginning?! 0:22

    DANIEL GRIN 11 months ago+2

    Can u do another dope hacks vid there so use full

  • Mitchell Mckenzie
    Mitchell Mckenzie 11 months ago+1

    Will recommend update iOS 12 for iPhone 7 Plus are there any bugs