Charles Merritt Convicted of McStay Family Murders

  • Published on:  6/10/2019
  • Charles Merritt was found guilty on all counts in the murders of the McStay family, it was announced Monday. The case captivated America: The family, Joseph and Summer McStay and their two sons, 3 and 4 years old, disappeared abruptly from their Fallbrook, California, home in 2010, bowls of popcorn left uneaten and no signs of forced entry. Merritt, Joseph's business partner, was eventually arrested and charged with their murders. Now, it will be decided whether he faces the death penalty.


  • Michael Smith 1 months ago

    It's a special place in Hell for this mf

  • Tatyana Melnikoff a months ago

    @Weekend Warrior why? no, seriously, why. educate me.

  • Grizzly ER 1 months ago

    no there isnt, its just 1 place

  • JadeFire 127 1 months ago

    Just for gambling? There’s something wrong with him.

  • blastman8888 5 days ago

    He was a con man from the start watch CNN story about the McStay family .

  • Therese Nydahl 1 months ago

    So sad, that seemed to be such a happy family😕

  • Tanya Karazan 1 months ago

    How do you kill those adorable little ones?

  • robert reed 22 days ago

    not worth thinking about, bless them all, now fry the bas***d

  • WhiteOutNinja Channel 1 months ago

    Tanya Karazan How do we kill cows? They did nothing and we kill them for fast food. Some cows even live their whole life on a farm just to die when they grow up!

  • jessica ann 1 months ago

    I’ve been looking for updates on this case for years,so glad to know it’s been solved,and the scum bag finally got arrested! Rip McStay family🤟🏼

  • robert reed 22 days ago

    same as that since i saw it on the programme disappeared

  • Innovative Interests 1 months ago

    Same here. I remember when it was featured on the show vanished years ago. That image of them walking into Mexico was so eerie & troubling. It haunted me for so long & every once & awhile I would search to check for an update.. Their home was as if they left with the clothing on their back & they just vanished into thin air. Those poor babies, mother & father. May the soar with the angels in heaven.

  • Jun 1 months ago

    from stealing to killing the whole family

  • Funny Videos 1 months ago

    YAY HES ARRESTED R.I.P MCSTAY FAMILY poor kids and parents, didnt deserve it

  • Allie Grace 1 months ago

    This monster needs to be beating and catch him on fire then feed it to the crow's if they even want that thing!😠😠😠

  • rebecca wolowicz 1 months ago


  • Ben DuhPhukOver 1 months ago

    _Lisa Guerrero_ investigates Mexico.Asks 3 *people* about there whereabouts.

  • Tatyana Melnikoff 1 months ago

    @Poppy's Sad what nationality? white, doesn't really mean anything.

  • James A 1 months ago

    @Poppy's Sad She's half Latina actually. Also her Spanish was fine, btw.