Picking Every Week 6 Game Against The Spread | The Lefkoe Show

  • Published on:  10/10/2019
  • Warren Sharp is back and he's dropping some fine gambling nuggets for you fine, fine folks out there. Whether you gamble or not, you'll be interested to hear some incredible stats about Sean McVay coming off a bye, the absolutely shocking team that is dead-last in the NFL in defensive efficiency by Warren's favorite metric, and which superstar quarterback is actually ranked 25th out of 27 qualified passers in Red Zone scoring. It's the sort of information that will win you money... or at least win you some arguments with your friends at the next tailgate. Come back every week for more of Sharp and Lefkoe's well-researched look at the NFL!

    2:15 Warren’s analytical models are really starting to pay dividends
    3:30 Fessing up: we were wrong about the Raiders this week
    5:02 Predictive game flow: the Colts managed to slow the game down and set the tone early
    7:28 Warren’s thoughts on Bill O’Brien
    10:12 Warren is impressed by the coaching of the Panthers and Kyle Allen specifically, how will this translate into a morning start?
    16:43 Warren calls out Matt LaFleur and Vic Fangio for questionable personnel decisions late
    22:41 EDSR: Early Down Success Rate25:30 Turnover margin dictates 81% of your ability to win and EDSR has an 80% correlation
    29:53 The bottom five teams in EDSR: It’s who you think. Miami and Jets
    31:25 Ravens are worst in the league defensively on EDSR adjusting for schedule
    36:30 Jaguars at 9th overall is pretty surprising
    37:30 The 49ers are #1, and they are Warren’s “most fun” team to write about
    43:39 Lefkoe’s losing when betting the Saints
    49:53 Predicting Eagles-Vikings ATS
    58:23 Predicting Chiefs-Texans ATS
    1:01:20 Mahomes is 25th out of 27 quarterbacks in the Red Zone!
    1:06:21 Predicting 49ers-Rams ATS
    1:15:00 All the big line movements of the week
    1:18:25 Favorites whose lines jumped up during the week are now 2-10
    1:20:08 Calling Krack to make Lefkoe’s SuperContest picks

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