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  • taslim najmi 7 months ago

    Sammo bhai give me a chance to work with him i like you a lott😍

  • Hassan Khan Dayo 1 years ago

    Nice A bro

  • Oriflame reviews 1 years ago

    miss veet Pakistan par bhe Oseamo speaks bnai please

  • hämzadashin4 g 6 months ago

    Oriflame reviews yeah right

  • Yahya Malik 6 months ago

    Agree yaat

  • Oyyee Baaz Aajaa 1 years ago

    Thumbs Up if You Love AweSamo Speaks Series :D

  • Oyyee Baaz Aajaa 1 years ago

    wo is liya k logic sahi nahi tha

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    Who liked this video even before watching it....?

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  • Mohsin Ali 1 years ago

    I did it many time and I'll do 😘

  • Sana Ali  1 years ago

    "chehry pr.phitkar" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nouman Usman 1 years ago

    A Motivational Message on "Enjoying Life"Do share it with your "Na Shukray" Friends & Family

  • Info Dot TV 1 years ago

    Infotainment by Sana Aly Hahahaahah

  • THE AWESOME ASIM 1 years ago

    Its been 4 months I'm trying really hard to break the ice. I even tried to approach khujlee family but all in vain. Actually I'm a new creator and struggling really hard 😥😞

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    keep working hard you will get successful ( In Sha ALLAH ) gonna watch your videos

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    Subscribed 🙂

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    I love their videos, poori videos dekhay bagair Hy I press like button always, the content is really good and funny......they are not copy cats......original content Lana asaaan nai hotaaa.....

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    same here =)

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    Malik2016 me too

  • Forget galitos present😐

  • ONE MAN ARMY 1 months ago

    kyoun tujhe forget na kar dein

  • marwa hayat 1 years ago

    Morning shows k Desi totkay pe bi video banao

  • Biggest Tharki 1 years ago

    Samreen Smr I think ur ghr Daal pakking sheikh chilli Saal mein Ak bar hi gosht pakany wali kom Lod khan Wali Dain

  • Biggest Tharki 1 years ago

    Samreen Smr my English is very Handsome jawan but im like All Girls ..... Also Same like Habshi girls

  • Zayn Ch 1 years ago

    GALITOS se breakup HoGya???????