How This Guy Folds and Flies World Record Paper Airplanes | WIRED



    WIRED  9 months ago+1422

    Watch and learn how to fold five of John's world record airplanes: folding instructions can be found here:

  • Anonymous Turtle
    Anonymous Turtle 11 minutes ago

    6:38 Perfectly balanced... As all things should be

  • Harry Mack
    Harry Mack 50 minutes ago

    US air force wants to know your location

  • Yoshi Stover
    Yoshi Stover 53 minutes ago

    To this man.
    Paper is Free Real Estate.

  • DisMeLeelando5 _
    DisMeLeelando5 _ 2 hours ago

    1:16 got em

  • Jpeppalax
    Jpeppalax 3 hours ago+2

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Michael Shambaugh
    Michael Shambaugh 7 hours ago

    What do you do for a living ohh I’m a professional paper airplane thrower

  • tmaelo
    tmaelo 7 hours ago

    weird flex but ok

  • pite9
    pite9 9 hours ago

    When I was a kid, I would fold it very similarly, only I wouldn't fold the flap at 4:18, and the flap would be smaller, because the previous fold was less deep. I think I experimented with both of the wing alignments he showed at 4:55, and I also didn't use the bends at 6:05.

  • Stavros Kalaitzakis
    Stavros Kalaitzakis 9 hours ago

    This guy must have been the kid that always sits at the back of the classroom doing nothing but folding papers 😂

  • AuH2O
    AuH2O 14 hours ago

    Uh, the first plane is exactly how I used to do it in the early 1990's. The design's been around a long time.

  • That One Guy Who knows where you live

    I love this

  • PaperPlane Guy
    PaperPlane Guy 15 hours ago

    Cool guy

  • kingtendoable
    kingtendoable 17 hours ago

    Great Vid and ingenius paper plane designs but above all else just a seemingly really nice guy!

  • Jay Gagne
    Jay Gagne 19 hours ago

    Almost 5,000 people disliked this, y tho?

  • Myles S.
    Myles S. 22 hours ago


  • TheFoodReport
    TheFoodReport 22 hours ago

    He’s the final boss in an out of control English room

  • Ilove Peppers
    Ilove Peppers yesterday

    When you finally mastered a thing even how simple it is.

  • JST
    JST yesterday

    This guy was probably the emperor of his elementary school

  • Martin
    Martin yesterday

    Yes Mister Collins! Yes Science! :o)